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Lacrima Beneflitz 2021 - Running for a Good Cause

From 16.04. to 18.04.2021 the members of Round Table Dresden 204 invite you to the online charity run. Please note that this is not an organized running event in the usual sense. Online running means running by your terms, individually or in small groups on your own track at your own time. It doesn't matter if you run the registered distance in the forest or on the sports track, that's your choice. We will only summarize your results online! Very important: Your participation fees (minus organization costs) and voluntary donations will benefit the Dresden Children's and Youth Bereavement Center Lacrima. You can donate by simply increasing the participation fee by any amount in the registration. We are looking forward to many runners on the four distances:

  • Flitzpiepe 2,04 km*
  • Gelegenheitsflitzer 5,00 km
  • Alltagsflitzer 10,00 km
  • Flitzmeister HM 21,10 km

The german "flitzen" is slang for running, in shortage of good english translations we kept the names of the contests. We would also like to make you aware, that such a virtual run can be something special, if you help others with it! In addition, an online run also has a few advantages, here are convincing arguments:

  • Choose any time on the event days to start when you feel good. Determine weather and time of day yourself!
  • Only the reported distance has to be run. Run your favorite course or something new!
  • Wear what you want. :D No jersey obligation or thousands of present fellow runners!
  • Choose your own pace. No crowds and peer pressure!

How hard it gets through terrain and underground is up to you. In a virtual run only the time needed for the registered distance counts! You have to prove this with any running app. More information will be sent by email before the run. For the one or other undecided we have created a few incentives:

  • Official results list and a certificate for each participant.
  • 4 trophies for the overall winners of the competitions
  • 5 sponsored functional shirts "Stream 22 Shirt" from uhlsport. These will go to the fastest participants on the 4 distances and to the biggest donor.
  • a special award from the Johanniter for the biggest donation; the HEART TROPHY

Speaking of donations, we would like to thank our main sponsor NST Fashion for their generous support! NST Fashion offers "fashion with responsibility". In every garment there is a fixed donation share. This share goes 100% to various social projects

If you are wondering what the Round Table Dresden is doing, here is a short answer: We support projects in the region. Most of all, we like to lend a hand or give financial support to great charitable projects. Since our sponsorships and campaigns are in sharp decline due to the pandemic situation, we hope that this event will be a great success despite the lack of atmosphere and that we can continue to support the donation-funded Lacrima Bereavement Center with your help. To that end, it would be great if you could make friends and colleagues aware of the event!

If you want to know even more about the Lacrima project, just read on below.
Please also visit our Facebook pages for the event and for the Round Table Dresden .

Have fun participating!

Johannes Hünich
President Round Table 204 Dresden
Tel: 0172 7550092


Information about the support project Lacrima

Lacrima is the children and youth mourning center of the Johanniter in Dresden. In this project, the Johanniter support grieving children and offer those affected a protected and trusting space in which they can consciously live their grief. Lacrima is not a form of therapy, but a sustainable support that helps each child to find his or her personal path of mourning. Currently, thirteen volunteer grief counselors support children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 17 in coming to terms with their grief after the death of close relatives. The children's grief group and the youth grief group have been meeting regularly every 14 days since the beginning of 2019. The parents' café is held in parallel. There, mothers and fathers of the children in care can exchange their experiences. The offer of Lacrima is free of charge.The donations are used, for example, for the training and continuing education of the volunteer grief counselors*innen and one can pay for working materials, excursions and material goods for the grief groups. The opening of another branch office is planned for this year. The initial furnishing of the premises will be financed by social support. Help us to help others. Thank you.

Video about the project:

Your contact person for the project:

Robert Dietsche
Director of the Lacrima Bereavement Center,
Tel.: 0351 2091433, 0152 04628997


*the track length indicates the table number of the Round Table 204 Dresden ;-)