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2024-01-01 Nordic Triathlon Cup 2024

Welcome to the Nordic Triathlon Cup 2024, the ultimate racing challenge designed specifically for young development athletes. Embark on a journey through Finland, Estonia and Denmark as you swim, bike, and run your way to victory. This cup offers a unique opportunity for development athletes to showcase their endurance, speed, and determination in a competitive environment. The Nordic Triathlon Cup is your chance to push your limits, meet fellow athletes, and experience the excitement of draft-legal racing. 


The cup will travel to 3 different countries in 2024 with supersprint as the main distance. In Finland and Estonia there will also be Mixed Relay race (not included in the cup).

 8th June: Kuusijärvi Vantaa (Finland) - Supersprint

 28th July: Otepää (Estonia) - Supersprint

14th September: Aarhus (Denmark) - Sprint / Supersprint



Register for each event directly to the local organizers (will updated shortly!): 

  • Kuusijärvi Vantaa (Finland)
  • Otepää (Estonia)
    • Registration All choose "1. start (noored B, noored A, juuniorid)"
  • Aarhus (Denmark)


The competition rules varies from nation-to-nation and it's the ruels of the host country that will be valid for each race. Read more in the links below about differences between the nations.


Based on World Triathlon system, the winner is awarded 150 points, and then reduced by 7.5% for each rank. It's the athelte with the best total score that wins. The ranking will be split into the following categories. During the race the different categories might start together, but they race for their own category in the overall ranking. After each race the ranking will be updated on this web page under the tab "Results". The competition categories are as follow:

  • Senior: From 2004
  • Junior: 2007 - 2005
  • Youth: 2010 - 2007
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