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20.09.2024/21.09.2024 | Vorupør, Denmark Cold Hawaii Ultra 2024
Cold Hawaii Ultra is one of Denmarks most beautiful, roughest, and most deserted trail runs taking place
25. september 2021
in Thy National Park and Jammerbugten. The race features 5 different routes:
  • 11 km
  • 25 km
  • 50 km
  • 50 miles
All routes are true A - B races without any loops.
The western part of Thy and Jammerbugten are areas that are shaped by the drifting sands that have plagued the locals for centuries, encroaching on their lands and buildings. The landscape comprise windy coasts and dune systems, either bare, covered by heaths, meadows or plantations, with a great number of conifers. Wet hollows also occur, and between this varied coastal landscape, small ponds and lakes can be found. The sandy dune heaths in Thy National Park are a rare habitat in a European context, and they are to be protected by law, so they have been a major contributory factor in establishing the national park.
Cold Hawaii Ultra exhibits some of the most beautiful and unique nature in Denmark with a very special cultural history. The 100 miles route starts in Løkken and follows the North Sea Trail and Hærvejsruten before joining all the remaining routes on Vestkyststien from Bulbjerg to Agger.
All routes feature exciting trails between the dunes, beach sections, conifers and small fishing communities where fishermen pull up their boats up on the beaches. All routes finish in the small fisher village Agger. 
Note that the first half of the 100 miles route vil not be completely marked and demands that the participants bring and use a GPS unit (either a GPS running watch or a dedicated GPS unit). There will be some markings on difficult passages. The last half of the route will be clearly marked. 
Visit our website (in Danish) or contact for more information.
Change of name and distanceis 20 DKR per change payed at check-in.