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04/21/2024 | Fort Lauderdale, United States of America City Bikes Down & Dirty Gravel Grinder


 SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2024 

The City Bikes 'Down & Dirty' Gravel Grinder stages (registration, parking, roll-out) at the Everglades Holiday Park. The event will begin and end on the levee and use the various levee road courses as designed below. This event is properly permitted through the following governing agencies; Broward County Parks & Recreation, USA Cycling and the South Florida Water Management District.  Waivers for governing bodies are required by all participants and these events are restricted to riders 18 years of age or older. 



This event is properly permitted by USA Cycling for insurance purposes, but it DOES NOT require a cycling license of any sort.  If, however you have received some sort of sanctioning/suspension for use of performance enhancing drugs, USA Cycling prohibits you from competing in any event permitted by the agency.  



Did you know that as a rider you are 100% responsible to study the course and download it to your bike computer or phone?  There is no guarantee that event signage will last on the levee roadways of the Florida Everglades.  Rain can wash away any painted arrows and we are not allowed to penetrate the ground with signage.  We will however have large A-frame signs to assist, but those signs can be blown over in the wind or even stolen.  If you do your homework, you will not get lost and you will have a very successful event without any issues.  If you come to the event unprepared then you will more than like get lost or go off course.   You can view your course and download your file type (GPX, TCX, etc.) from  If find yourself needed a ride back to the start area because you are unable to return you can text us at (561) 374-2994 and we will pick you up.  Simply send us your location from your phone. We are here to help.


60 Miles Gravel Categories - Medals Top 3 for all categories - Start Time is 7:30am (3 loops)

  • Men/Women - Open 
  • Men master’s 40+ 50+ 60+
  • Women master’s 40+ 50+  


40 Mile Gravel Categories - Medals Top 3 for all categories - Start Time is 9:00am  (2 loops)

  • Men/Women - Open 
  • Men/Women Masters - 40+ 50+ 60+
  • Men/Women Masters - 40+ 50+ 


20 Mile Gravel Categories - Medals Top 3 for all categories - Start Time is 9:30am (1 loop)

  • Men/Women - Intermediate 
  • Men/Women - Beginner (First Timers)
  • Men/Women - Fat Tire (Tire size is not specified)



This is a slightly new course that will run counter clockwise.  All participants are required to download the course to your bike computer.  There will be limited signage on the routes.  You can view your course and download your file type (GPX, TCX, etc.) from


20 Mile Loop Strava Link  - (You can use the link for each lap).  The course has 2 left hand turn that will have A-frames but beware they can be stolen. 



The first 150 riders will receive a souvenir branded event shirt, on-course neutral support (Coca-Cola, Jelly Belly, Pickles, Chips, Powdered Gatorade, etc.) and PDQ samples. This event will be professionally timed with splits on the course.  The Top 3 in each category will also receive custom City Bikes medals.    


  • Saturday, April 20, 2024 (1pm to 5pm) City Bikes Pembroke Pines (located in the Palm Johnson Plaza Shopping Center): 701 NW 99th Ave, Hollywood, Fl 33024 (Google Maps Directions to City Bikes) 
  • Sunday, April 21, 2024 – 5:30am until the start of your event at Everglades Holiday Park.  



Everglades Holiday Park - 21940 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33332 - Google Map Directions to Everglades Holiday Park



The beauty of gravel is there are no rules.  We just want you to be safe and have a great time.  The gravel is hard enough so why start throwing a bunch of rules into the mix.  As it relates to aero bars, you can use them but please do not use them while you are around other riders, especially when riding behind them.   As it relates to E-bikes they are permitted but you will not be eligible for any awards and you can not assist (help draft) any other riders.  The E-bike are for those riders who want to challenge themselves, but not complete for a podium spot.  As it relates to tire size, have at it and use whatever tire you want in any category.



Warning - There is a timing chip on the back of your event number - Please do not tie the number to your seat post or any other tube.  You must place it on the front of your bike (yes, we know it causes wind drag) so we can see your number and more importantly the chip reads correctly.  And remember, if you wrap it, and it does not get a chip read, it’s your fault and you may not get a result.  All riders are required to track there mileage and time and may be required to show proof of your finish time to the head timer in the event that your chip fails. 



All athletes are fully responsible for 100% of their own nutrition and mechanical issues. At the City Bikes neutral support tent there will be limited supplies to assist you in need. Please prepare for flat tires and other mechanical issues. Flat tire cause 99% of most do not finishes (DNF). Gravel bikes are not road bikes.  Our advice is to deflate at least 3-5 less psi than you normally ride as the gravel can be quite 'chunky' in certain locations. We will stock and refill neutral support station as needed with water and nutrition. Water (no bottles), Coca-Cola and a variety of sugary snacks. A first aid kit will also be available.   


AWARDS – The top 3 in each category will receive custom medals.



Please remember that the course is open to the public and that there will be other recreational riders on the gravel roads.  Beware that many animals live in the preserve (horses, alligators, deer, bears, snakes, etc.).  It is your responsibility to ride safely.  Please stay to the right side of the gravel road (just like driving).



Velopista Photo will be out on course taking your pics.  These photos are normally available the next day the link provided.   



Gates owned by the South Florida Management District will remain locked.



Please do not litter our precious Everglades.  What you carry in with you, you should also carry out.



It is your responsibility to be prepared for your gravel adventure. Although we will have neutral support on the course you should be 100% self-supported. Please prepare for flat tires, hot weather, etc.  See things to remember below.


  • You are responsible to know the routes posted.  Please download and review the provided maps to your bike computer via Strava.
  • The use of headphones during the event is not recommended.
  • As a reminder, aerobars are not permitted during the event.
  • Make sure you bike is in good working order and get it checked over by a bike mechanic.
  • Always keep your eyes on the gravel roads as the terrain is different throughout the course.
  • Choose a distance based on your abilities.
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Pick the right bike for the ride. (Gravel/Dirt specifics, mountain bike or fat tire bicycle).
  • Purchase Road ID
  • Bring your cell phone (there is coverage on the course)
  • Always wear your helmet.
  • Bring cycling gloves.
  • Extra tubes, air, sealant
  • Prepare a small tool kit for mechanical issues.
  • Nutrition (gels, bars, snacks, etc.)
  • Hydration (at least one 22oz bottle per hour) or (hydration backpack). NOTE: Any small backpack can help you carry extra hydration and basic tools/safety items.
  • Small/Basic First-Aid Pack 
  • In case of an emergency call 9-1-1


The South Florida Water Management District does not charge a fee to enter or use any lands provided by the district to the public for outdoor recreational purposes. Any applicable fee, registration fee, ticket price or any other fee charged, or donation accepted by the organization hosting an event on any lands provided by the district to the public for outdoor recreation purposes is not and shall not be considered a fee to enter or use the property.