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07.07.2023-09.07.2023 | Dornbirn, Austria Zanzenberg Race XCO UCI - C1 / MLA / AYC - 2023, 25th Edition

25th MTB Race Zanzenberg 2023

7th - 9th July, 2023

  • Friday, July 7: Technic parcours AYC (U13 - U17)
  • Saturday, July 8: XCO kids race (U7 - U11) / AYC (U13 - U17) / MLA (sport class)
  • Sunday, July 9: International UCI-C1 XCO Race (Juniors / U23 / Elite)



Friday, 7th July 2023

AYC MTB technic parcours

16:45 - 17:00 Briefing

17:00 – 19:00 MTB technic parcours AYC U13-U17

Obligatory for category U13-U17

Track inspection

15:00 - 17:00 Track inspection children U7-U11
17:00 - 19:00 Track inspection U13-U17, Juniors/Junior women, Elite


Saturday, 8th July 2023

Kids race / AYC / MLA / FUN

From 08:00 Start number distribution for all categories for Saturday
Until 09:00 Inspection of the course


XCO kids race

09:30 Start U7w
09:40 Start U7m
09:50 Start U9w
10:10 Start U9m
10:30 Start U11w
11:00 Start U11m
From 11:30 Award ceremony U7-U11
11:15-12:15 Track inspection U13/U15/U17/Sport class


XCO AYC (U13 - U17, Sport class)

12:15 Start U13w/m
13:15 Start U15w/m
14:30 Start U17w/m
15:45 Start Sport class


Group Fun Race

17:00 Start old and young
18:10 Award ceremony U13-U17, Sport class, Fun


Sunday, 9th July 2023


From 08:00 Start number distribution and feedzone accreditation
Until 09:40 Inspection of the course
10:00 Start juniors m
12:00 Start juniors, elite/U23 w
14:30 Start Elite/U23 m
Award ceremony afterwards


General Information

Union RV Dornbirn 1886



Martin Salzmann
cell phone: +43 664 2826575
Correspondence in English:
Philipp Schneider


Event location

Austria, 6850 Dornbirn, EuroCamp Zanzenberg
(The race area is not directly accessable by car. Please follow the signs from Dornbirn Steinebach)



With the following addresses you will get to:
  • Day parking: Steinebach 18, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria
  • Team Area: Steinebach 21, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria
  • Campground: Gütlestraße 15. 6850 Dornbirn, Austria


Route to and from the race area:

From the day parking areas and the Team Area, walk 5 min, to the Eurocamp at Zanzenberg. With the start of the track inspection admission to the track. Start according to schedule. Teams can set up their team tents the evening before the event inside of the race area. Reservation/Agreement with the race management center is mandatory.


Day parking

Austria, 6850 Dornbirn, Steinebach 18, F.M. Hämmerle Areal

Please do not park in front of entrances, loading ramps or emergency access roads. Follow the signs! Tents & any camping furniture are strictly prohibited on the parking lot. Parking is strictly prohibited outside of designated zones. The parking lot area is to be left clean and in its original condition. Thank you for your understanding.


Team Area

Austria, 6850 Dornbirn, Steinebach 21 F.M. Hämmerle Area

To get a place in the Team Area it is mandatory to register at The following information has to be given at the registration:

  • Day and time of arrival and departure
  • Space requirement, length and width of the installation



There is no camping site directly at the race area!

The camping site "Enz" - - in Dornbirn was modernized and opened in summer 2019. The camping site is located next to the valley station of the Karren cable car and thus close to the Zanzenberg venue. Further, the city center is easily accessible.



Note: Book your hotel stay early enough!


Overview map



From the U13 class on, a license or a ÖRV Bike Card is mandatory for all starters!


Registration deadline



Late entries

Until two hours before the respective start time


Entry fee

  Technic parcours U13 - U17 € 10,- late registration € 20,-
  Childen up to U11   € 10,-     late registration € 20,-  
  Classes U13 - U17 € 15,- late registration € 25,-
  Juniors € 20,- late registration € 30,-
  Sports class € 25,- late registration € 35,-
  U23 / Elite     € 35,- late registration € 50,-


Changing rooms / Showers

Toilets are available.
There are no shower facilities. We ask the athletes to shower in their accommodations.


General notes

  • Participation is at your own risk and liability.
  • Fully functional mountain bikes and wearing a helmet are mandatory.
  • Support during the races is only allowed in the designated tech/feed zones.
  • The rules of the UCI and the ÖRV apply. All teams and starters have to comply with them.
  • Protests can be submitted to the race commissioners after the races against a deposit of EUR 50. All protests will be examined and evaluated by a race commissioner, the race management and two independent experts.


Race and track information

  • Circuit on gravel, forest soil and meadow.
  • Length and difficulty of the course will be adapted to the respective age category.
  • The route can be adapted at short notice in case of difficult weather conditions.

Note: The race course runs along the Eurocamp. However, driving on the Euro Camp is strictly forbidden during the training sessions as well as on the race days.


Tech- & Feed-Zone

The tech and feed zone can only be entered on Sunday with an accreditation pass. The accreditation pass can be obtained at the race number distribution.


Supervisor Feed Zones

One support person is allowed per athlete in the tech and feed zone (athletes pass the feed zone 2 times per lap). Supervisors must also have the appropriate accreditation pass for each race on Sunday in which they will access the tech and feed zone.


Track inspection:

On Thursday all day and Friday morning, for safety reasons, no practice will be allowed on the track, as set-up work is still taking place at that time. During the inspection, the time slots provided for this purpose must be observed (see program). Please note:

  • Training before and during set-up work is prohibited!
  • Track visits during the race weekend outside the official viewing times at your own responsibility.

Track visits outside the official viewing times are possible during the race weekend on Saturday after 19:30 and on Sunday before 8:00 at your own risk. Please note that the track is not secured at this time and there is no medical assistance on the premises.

The track may not be entered by bystanders during the races and official practices.


Award Ceremony:

The award ceremonies on Sunday will take place directly after the races at the finish area. The prize money for the licensed drivers will be transferred. On Saturday, the times for the award ceremony can be found in the schedule.


Participant lists/Results:

Start list and results are available on the RV Dornbirn website or on the Race Result page of the Zanzenbergrennen



In the C1 races the first five male/female riders will be called.



Please fish bone line-up before start, so that a fast handling is possible.