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24.02.2023-14.04.2023 50 days for Ukraine

Charity Run - 50 DAYS FOR UKRAINE


We are running and donating again to alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

On February 24, the brutal war of aggression of the Russians against the sovereign state of Ukraine already has its one-year macabre anniversary. 8 million Ukrainians are on the run, as internally displaced persons or abroad. The suffering and destruction in the eastern parts of the country are unimaginable. The reports in the news broadcasts about Russian terrorist attacks have unfortunately become the daily norm.


We don't want to stand by and just watch!!!


In January, I already started a fundraising campaign together with Viktoriia Nikolaienko, the Ukrainian topathlet runner, and sent a large truck full of relief supplies from Germany to Ukraine. Since transparency of such actions is very important to both of us, we were both present in Mukachevo, Zaporizhzhia and Kyiv during the distribution and still take care that the donations arrive exactly where they are needed. Detailed reports about it can be found in my Facebook profile.


But we want to continue to help. For this reason, there is a repeat of last year's very successful fundraising run in which over 8000 participants were present.


50 Days for Ukraine; From 24.02. - 14.04.2023 you can run/walk, cycle or swim again. Your kilometers will be recorded weekly on your personal RaceResult page. For each of the three sports there is a separate registration and scoring.

Viktoriia Nikolaienko wants to set an example as a person directly affected (she often sees the Russian cruise missiles flying from her home in the direction of Kyiv, hears the impacts and has to live without electricity most of the time) and will run 50 km a day during the 50 days. This is an unbelievable challenge for many and due to the fact that all the runs take place in a war zone, it is actually unimaginable. Everyone is invited to sign up for the special "Run with Viktoriia 50 x 50" event. Of course you don't have to run 50 km a day and you are welcome to skip days. As a streak runner (that's what the group of daily runners is called) it is surely interesting, because in this ranking the kilometers are not recorded weekly but daily. That Challenge will have have 2 ratings. A standard one and a more challenging one, following the rules for Streakrunners that every day need at least a one mile workout.


Donation goals: Through our fundraising and delivery at the end of January, we were able to build a very good network and now personally know good trustworthy people and NGOs. Viktoriia herself is now a committed member of the NGO of Petro Petroshenko, the former president of Ukraine.

The donations generated through participation in the running, cycling and swimming events will be used to purchase food and needed supplies for Ukrainian civilians and distribute them locally through our network.

Donations generated by participation in the Streak and Ultrarunning Challenge "Run with Viktoriia 50 x 50" will go into Viktoriia's donation pool, which she will use to realize her big goal and buy a set of three Poseidon H10. This non-combat reconnaissance drone of Cypriot manufacture will help Ukrainian units to win the war and may save their lives.


Registrations for multiple challenges are of course possible.

  1. Running - 50 days for Ukraine
  2. Cycling – 50 days for Ukraine
  3. Swimming – 50 days for Ukraine
  4. Viktoriia's Run for Ukrainian Victory  50 x 50km (Streakrunning Challenge)


Registration is also possible during the entire period of the event. The weekly kilometers run up to your registration can be added later. Run as many kilometers as you can by April 15, 2023 and compete with other runners. At the end there is no trophy, no medal or something similar, but a certificate and the good feeling of having actively done something against Russian terror in Ukraine.

Start: 24.02.2022
End: 14.04.2022
Goal: Sportive help



Registration/Donation Fee: 10,00€ / Run with Viktoriia 25,00€
Voluntary additional donations possible at any time

Medal: (optional), Extra-medal for „Viktoriia's Run for Ukrainian Victory“ optional.


Viktoriias Poseidon Donation-pool: COMING SOON (PayPal / Bankaccount / Patreon / GoFundMe)


Facebook: There is a public Facebook group for the fundraising run:

What Workouts Count: Running, marching, walking, treadmill, as a separate scoring also cycling and swimming. The "Run with Viktoriia 50 x 50" only counts running and/or walking kilometers indoor/outdoor.

Achievement: Certificate at the end of the fundraising run. Online ranking on RaceResult.


Transparency: Starting next week, as with the charity run for the flood victims and the first Ukraine charity run, there will be a constantly updated "balance sheet" online at The entry fee and the extra donations will go 100% to the beneficiaries described above. The medals will be used to offset the costs of the RaceResult registration platform (about 20 cents +1% of the transfers per participant). The rest of the medal sales also goes into the donation pools.