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02/09/2023 | Mělník, Czech Republic GIGACZECH 2023


The event is hereinafter referred to as “GIGACZECH 2023”. These regulations relate exclusively to the GIGACZECH 2023 and do not apply to any other events.



The official accredited helpers of Single athletes are called supporters. They are required to be visibly identified during the whole race.

External persons

Everyone who is not accredited counts as an external person, mainly spectators.

Brand and Logo

The use of GIGACZECH brand, the GIGACZECH logo and slogan is restricted to the organizer, sponsors and partners who make it possible to stage the GIGACZECH. It is also forbidden to use the “GIGACZECH” brand for commercial advertising purposes or for offers associated with the event.

General Rules

1. Form of competition

The GIGACZECH 2023 will take place on Saturday, September 2, 2023.


2. Categories

Single Woman and Single Man: woman or man who competes in the whole race alone.

Couple: two competitors as a team, in subcategories Men, Women, Mix (one man, one woman). The rules laid down by the organizer governing the allocation and the obligatory combinations of disciplines must be observed. The organizer can cancel or combine some categories due the insufficient number of participants.

Team of Five: Five competitors as a team. Each one has to compete in at least half of one discipline.


3. Responsibility

Each participant is responsible for being in good shape, properly trained and physically healthy at the time they participate in the GIGACZECH. Participants are expected to comply with these regulations, the Road Safety Rules, the requirements of the organizer, and the directions and instructions of all the race officials and public authorities.

Only persons older 18 years can participate in the GIGACZECH race in Single and Couple categories. Adolescents between 15-18 years are only allowed to participate with the written agreement of their parents, which must be submitted together with their registration via email to, and they may only participate in the Team of Five category. Persons younger than 15 years of age cannot participate in the race.


4. Disciplines, participant behaviour

It is prohibited to obstruct another participant in any manner, such as by bumping, striking, pushing them out of the way, obstructing their path, sabotaging the equipment of others, or causing any detriment to other competitors. If the competitor leaves the race course and then enters the race again, he/she must start from the same point at which he/ she left. It is not permitted to take any shortcuts, to omit a part of the course or to somehow gain unfair advantages for oneself. If, during the race, competitors end them selves in front of a closed railway level-crossing barrier or a red light, the time will not be stopped or credited. The instructions of the staff must be strictly followed. If participants cross a closed level crossing barrier or a red light, they will immediately be disqualified. Participants will also be disqualified if they cross any security markings; it makes no difference whether this happens in a straight section or in a curve.


5. Registration / Application / Entry fees


The application can only be made through online registration system provided by the organizer.

Entry fees

Entry fees, early bird offers and possible discounts as well as payment details are available online at bellow the “Athlete Info” -> “Sing Up” section.

Confirmation of the registration

Application is only valid and the participant is signed up for the race only after the payment has been received by the organizer. Once payment has been received, the event organizer will send an email to confirm the application for registration and issue an authorization to record the names of the supporters and/or team members on the registration portal. The Team Captain can then invite the team members to join the team, allocate the disciplines and amend the team information.

Cancellation policy / cancellation insurance

Entry fees cannot be reclaimed after June 15, 2023. Until then you are entitled to 50 % refund. From June 16, 2023, there is no refund possible. Even if GIGACZECH has to be interrupted, shortened or cancelled, participants are not entitled to any reimbursement after June 16, 2023. Participants are recommended to take out cancellation cost insurance so that the entry fee can be claimed back in the event of emergency or illness.


6. Check-In

The check-in will take place on Friday afternoon September 1.9.2023 and Saturday in the morning, 2.9.2023.


7. Supporter

The Single’s entry fee includes one supporter per competitor. The Supporter has to be checked-in and accredited together with the participant. No further supporters can be accredited. No supporters will be accredited for the Couples and the Team of Five. A nontransferable and sealed wristband counts as accreditation for athletes and a supporter accreditation for supporters. Supporters must also comply with the regulations, and they also have to follow the directions and instructions of all the race officials and public authorities. If supporters violate the rules, the athlete they are supporting will be penalized.


8. Supporter / Help from external people

It is not permitted for competitors to be accompanied during the race by a pace maker, supporter or external person with either a car, motorcycle or bicycle, or on foot or otherwise. During the race, competitors are not permitted to accept food, beverages and objects (such as clothing, shoes, etc.) from supporters or external people outside of the transition zone. In the event of a breakdown (road bike/ mountain bike, inline) the competitor can accept help from outside, but not from their own team members. Only athletes with a wristband who are next in line to compete and supporters with a supporter accreditation are permitted to enter the transition zone.


9. Medical service

There will be professional medical service and first aid provided by the organizer through out the whole GIGACZECH 2023 race. Instructions issued by a race doctor or paramedic must be strictly followed. Race doctors or paramedics are authorized to take a participant out of a race if their health situation or safety is endangered. Competitors who receive first aid treatment can continue the race from the point at which they left it, if the doctor or paramedic allows this.


10. Disclaimer of liability

Athletes participate under their own responsibility and at their own risk. The organizer declines any liability for personal injury or damage to property. No claim for liability can be made against the organizer. It is the responsibility of each participant to take out insurance against accidents, ill ness or theft, as well as a liability insurance. Each participant has to accept and sign the athlete’s declaration when they register for GIGACZECH 2023; in so doing, they relieve the organizer and the organizer's ancillary from all liability claims, to the extent permitted by law.


11. Not ending a stage

Singles, one of a Couple or a member of a Team of Five who cannot finish a stage within the set time limit because of an injury or accident are allowed to continue the GIGACZECH 2023 in the next stage. That team will not, however, be ranked in the overall ranking.


12. Time limit

The organizer issues the time schedule of the race. Each participant is responsible for showing up on time at the start and in the transition zones. Total time of the race in not being paused during the whole race.


13. Equipment

Each participant is responsible for his/her equipment and must make sure that it is in perfect condition and complies fully with the Road Security Rules. During the disciplines of road bike, mountain bike, inline skating and handbike the participants are obliged to wear a helmet all the time. The competitor is also committed to wearing the official starting number for the duration of the race. The starting number must be worn visibly at the specified points. The participants are similarly responsible for wearing sportswear appropriate to the weather conditions – particularly during cold weather, in high mountain sections, or if there is a risk of bad weather. Road cyclists and mountain bikers must make sure that their sportswear protects them against cooling. During very hot weather competitors must apply/wear adequate solar protection, such as sunblock, a cap and sunglasses, and they must take along enough liquids and water. If an athlete has to complete a discipline in the dark, he / she is responsible for having correctly mounted lights. Referees reserve the right to remove any participants who are poorly equipped from the race. Headphones of any kind are forbidden during the race.


14. Starting number, timing chip

The given starting numbers must be worn visibly during the competitions at the specialized points. Athletes must attach the wristbands to their wrist before going to the check-in. The wristband is personal and has to be worn during the entire GIGACZECH 2023 event. Lack of a wristband will incur a penalty. Participants must wear the timing chip at the ankle throughout the competition. Pre mature removal of a timing chip prevents accurate time measurement. Each athlete is responsible for wearing the timing chip correctly and must make sure that the chip is registered when passing the «special time measuring mats» and passage control.


15. Littering

Participants are responsible for taking care of the environment. A time penalty of 60 minutes will be incurred for littering or leaving objects along the route (such as drinking bottles, clothes, etc.). Food waste may only be thrown away in the waste zone. The end of the refreshment point / waste zone is tagged with a sign. After this, competitors must take their waste to the next refreshment point. Referees will carry out inspections.


16. Prizes, Categories, Prize giving ceremony

Prizes will be awarded for best three competitors in each category (Single Woman, Single Man, Couple Men, Couple Women, Couple Mix, Team of Five) Prizes will not be handed over / shipped later, the winners have to take over the prizes during the official prize giving ceremony.


17. Handbike

The inline skating course can be taken also by a handicapped participant using a handbike. Violation of rules / protests


18. Penalties

Depending on the type and seriousness of the violation, referees can impose the following penalties:

    • verbal reprimand

    • time penalty

    • no classification

    • disqualification

The penalty will be communicated to the athlete or the Team Captain via text message and in personal hearing afterwards.


19. Protests / List of penalties

Rules for protests and List of penalties will be specified. Final clauses These regulations were brought into effect on March 1, 2023 by organizer of the GIGACZECH 2023 race. In the event of contradictions. The regulations are valid for the GIGACZECH 2023 only. Athletes will be informed about any modifications via the official website, or the Team Captainwill be informed directly via email.


Prague, 1.3. 2023