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21.05.2023 | Veliko Trojstvo, Croatia BILOgravel 2023

BILOgravel Challenge Series 2023


BILOgravel 2023


VENUE: Croatia, Bilogora, Bjelovar, Veliko Trojstvo, Vidikovac

TYPE: Gravel Challenge recreational marathon

DATE AND TIME: 21.5.2023, start 10.00



Starting at the 'Vidikovac', replica of the old border watchtower on top of Veliko Trojstvo, we'll ride on circular paths through Bilogora vineyards, forests, meadows, fields and villages. 

The routes follow forest gravel roads. Only in a few places are the shorter connecting roads grassed or made of hard Bilogora loam.


ROUTE A (82 km / 1360 m elev.)

Two-thirds is gravel, one-third paved with 3 feed areas on the route. The path will be marked with red arrows.


ROUTE B (60 km / 1000 elev.)

Route B separates from Route A after the first feed area and rejoins it after 2 km.

Half of the route is gravel, half is paved, with 2 feed areas on the route. The path will be marked with blue arrows.


In addition to the feed zones, there are facilities halfway along the routes where you can rest and refresh yourself.*



Anyone over the age of 16 has the right to participate with a signed statement from a parent/guardian.


Categories by routes:

Route A

- Male absolutely

- Women absolutely


Route B

- Male absolutely

- Women absolutely


E-bike – out of category



The entry fee for each route is 25 EUR.

 Applications are open until Saturday, May 20, exclusively online at

The number of participants is limited to a total of 100 in all categories combined.

Changing the route is possible with an announcement 30 minutes before the start of the challenge.



All participants will get a sponsor's package, water and refreshments (at feed-zones) during, and lunch after challenge. (*Refreshments in catering establishments are not included.)



At the marked stand next to the start location, on the day of the challenge, from 8 am to 9:45 am.



START of competitors for A route is at 10:00, start of competitors for B route at 10:15.

The finish of the Challenge is at the same place as the start. There is NO TIME LIMIT.



The results will be on

The three first-place competitors of the A and B tracks receive medals and gifts from sponsors.



The MTB regulations of the HBS and the UCI apply, as well as the general rules of the UCI.

By taking the starting number, drivers accept the rules and propositions and ride at their own risk, with a correct bicycle and a mandatory protective bicycle helmet. The organizer is not responsible for any damage caused by the driver to his own or other's equipment and to third parties.



For security reasons, each competitor is obliged to set the start number that they will take during registration, according to the instructions on the back of the number. The starting number has a timing chip and does not need to be returned after the race.

Timing and processing of results in real time is done by our timing partner



The e-bike may be unlocked, but must be pedal-powered.



Complaints about events during the challenge must be submitted by the driver to the chief judge in writing no later than 10 minutes after the end, with a deposit of HRK 240.

The driver submits complaints about the results to the head judge in writing no later than 10 minutes after their publication, with a deposit of HRK 240.



Association B.P.M. Veliko Trojstvo

+385955989830 Senad Begić

+385914447010 Igor Prka



> GPS > Track A (82)

> GPS > Track B (60)



Bjelovar General Hospital - Ul. Antuna Mihanovića 8, 43000, Bjelovar, 043 279 222



Note: The organizer reserves the right to change the chellenge schedule.