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"The Strade Bianche of the North!"
Saturday 20th of May
Gl Vejlevej 47, 8721 Daugård
Ronde van Hedensted is for everybody, those who strive for the big title and those who only wish to enjoy the challenging course! 
The race is a fusion between traditional road cycling and gravel cycling. Inspired by some of the greatest modern day classics, such as; Strade Bianche, Tro Bro Leon and Paris-Roubaix.
With one third of the course being hard packed gravel, the races can be ridden on both road bikes and gravel bikes. We recommend riding with between 28 mm and 36 mm tires.


There will be two courses for this years Ronde van Hedensted:
Grande course at 170 km, 1580 hm and ⅓ gravel.
Petit course at 85 km, 920 hm and ⅓ gravel.
The courses passes through some of the most scenic landscapes of east Jutland. From the source of the Gudenå at Tinnet Krat, in the highlands of Jutland. Over the steep hills surrounding Purhøj, down to the coastline of the Juelsminde peninsula. And along the way riding on some of the most incredible gravel sectors, reminiscent of those at the Strade Bianche and Tro Bro Leon.
Both courses take place in and around Hedensted Kommune, with start and finish in Daugård.
The Grande course has over 30 unique gravel sectors, the longest being upwards of 3 km long. All of which can be ridden on both road bikes and gravel bikes. There will be around five major climbs on both courses, some of them being Purhøj and Askebjerg.


Grande course: 350 DKK

Petit course: 285 DKK




The race will be assisted by MC Marshalls, who will manage the safety of the riders.
There will be two depots on both courses, for fueling up.
There will be KOM sprints throughout the race, with prizes for the winning riders. On top of that, there will be a trophy for the overall winner of the Grande course, and extra prizes for all the competing riders.
Afterwards, there will be food and drinks at the expo area, where the prize ceremony also will take place.
We hope to see you all for an amazing day!



  • Løbet køres efter GPS spor - GPX fil fremsendes til alle deltagere et par dage inden eventet. Ruten kan kun køres på event-dagen. 

  • Eftertilmeldinger på dagen er kun muligt - dog uden evt. mad efter turen.

  • Du deltager på eget ansvar.

  • Adventure Cycling står ikke til ansvar for evt. person eller materiel skade i forbindelse med eventet.

  • Cykelhjelm er obligatorisk for alle deltagere.

  • Der tages forbehold for evt. ændringer i programmet - det endelige program kan forventes senest 1 måned før eventet afholdes.

  • Den fremsendte rute kan kun køres på eventdagen, grundet specialaftaler og tilladelser med div. lodsejere.

  • Deltagergebyr refunderes ikke.


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