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2023-08-18-2023-08-20 | Fårevejle, Denmark Endure Trail 2023

Endure Trail 2023

Endure Trail 2023 will be held from Saturday the 18th of August to Sunday the 20th of August.


The track is a 32 km circular route with about 700 positive height meters, in a very hilly and varied terrain around Vejrhøj, Ordrup Næs, Kaarup forest and the "Mountains". You can choose between running 32, 64 or 160 km. You also have the opportunity to run at night on the 32 and 64 km distances.


Race information and rules can be read here

Participant must be 18 years of age at registration.

Deadline for online enrolment 13th Aug 2023


Start times (24 hours):

  • 160 km: 5 laps, start 19th AUG at 00.01 (Registration / Racebriefing 18th AUG).
  • 32 km: (Dark Trail) 1 lap, start 19th AUG at 00.01 (Registration / Racebriefing 18th AUG).
  • 64 km: 2 laps, start 19th AUG at 09.00
  • 32 km: 1 lap, start 19th AUG kl. 09.00
  • 64 km: (Sunset to Sunrise) 1 lap, start 19th AUG kl. 20.30


Entry fee:

160 km

  • 650,00 DKK. from: January 1st
  • 800,00 DKK from: March 1st

64 km

  • 350,00 DKK from: January 1st
  • 475,00 DKK from: March 1st

64 km Sunset to Sunrise

  • 350,00 DKK from: January 1 st
  • 475,00 DKK. from: March 1st

32 km

  • 275,00 DKK. from: January 1st
  • 375,00 DKK from: March 1st

32 km Dark Trail

  • 275,00 DKK. from: January 1st
  • 375,00 DKK from: March 1st

My.RaceResults online registration fee of DKK 10 is added to the entry fee for the entry number.


Entry fee includes:

  • Finisher medal
  • Food & drinks provided during race
  • Timing Prizes for the first three M/F, all distances
  • Address: Vindekilde Strandvej 21B, 4540 Fårevejle. (At the large parking lot next to the road).


Further updates and news about the race will be published on Facebook as we get nearer race day.

Sincerely, Vejrhøj Trail



I accept all responsibilities associated with competing in Endure Trail.

Photo and video

By signing up for the Endure Trail, you accept that photos and videos taken on race day, where you are included, can be used both commercially and publicly by Vejrhøj Trail and third parties.

Conditions of Entrance

  • Entrance is binding and the participation fee cannot be refunded.
  • Changes to participants name or transfer of start number can be done on
  • Distance can be changed as long as there are available spaces on other distances
  • Deadline for online enrolment is 13 Aug 2023

With a cancellation of the race due to unforeseen circumstances, registered runners will receive a refund of the registration fee, minus administration fee. Or by agreement with the participant, the start number is transferred to the following year. Leadership will try to arrange a backup plan for completion of the race, in case of external circumstances that may have an influence on the completion of the race. If this does not succeed, leadership reserves the right to cancel the race