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31/12/2022 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Burjeel Al Wathba New Year Cycling Race

Burjeel Holdings brings 2022 to a close with the Burjeel Al Wathba 120km New Year Cycle Race on Saturday morning 31st December 2022.

The feature race is the 120km long course (4x laps of the 30km loop) which will lead off followed by the 90km, 60km and 30km.

A Junior 16km race will also be held (2 laps of the 8km loop).

TT Bikes allowed but must ride SOLO.

7:00am - 120km Al Wathba Grind

7:30am - 90km Al Wathba Long Course

7:35am - 90km TT Bike

8:00am - 60km Al Wathba Burner

8:05am - 60km TT Bike

8:30am - 30km Al Wathba Short Course

8:35am - 30km TT Bike

8:45am - 16km Junior Loop