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If you have questions about an event, please contact the organizer or race timer. race result has no information about the event.
2023-06-11 | Görlitz, Germany 18. Europamarathon 2023 -B6

18. EUROPAMARATHON Görlitz-Zgorzelec 2023


Organizer:     Europamarathon Görlitz -Zgorzelec e.V.


City, Date        Görlitz, 11.06.2023

Start, Finish      intersection of federal road 6 / Laubaner Street

10.06.2023 17.30 – 21.00 o’clock „Spaghettiparty“ on the Elisabethplatz 

11.06.2023    Start times (subjects to alterations)

09:30    3km Kids

10:00    Handbiker

10:02    Skating

10:05    Unicyclists / Pedal Scooters

Time limit of 3:30 hours for the marathon of the unicyclists


The course is officially measured.    Half-Marathon Track: 2 rounds  / Marathon Track: 4 rounds    


Participation for the skater is open for the years:

Marathon: 2007 and older        

Half-Marathon: 2009 and older

10,5 km: 2013 and older    

3 km: 2010 and younger          


For the other disciplines according to the respective provisions of the regional associations.

Skater are required to wear helmets. In addition, knee-and elbow-pads are recommended.


Presentation ceremony/ Awards

The award ceremony will take place in Elisabethstrasse. We are talking about the transport of shuttle buses.

Place 1-6 in the overall standings of all disciplines (m/f) receive prizes. For the 3 km , there will be a ceremony in the respective age classes U 12 (10/11) and U 10 (7/8/9) for place 1-6.

The timing of the ceremony is posted on the notice boards.

Each participant will receive a commemorative medal at the finish. Round about 25 minutes after the finish will occur the printing of the certificate of participation. Printing of the certificate via internet is possible from 14.06.2023.


The results will be published on the web. On race day unofficial results will be announced by a notice in the school sector.



Entry fee is straggered

                                                  Marathon        Half-Marathon       10,5 km        3 km   

until 31.03.2023                       33 €                   28 €                          20 €              5 €               

until 31.05.2023                       40 €                   33 €                          23 €              5 €   

Late registration

10.-11.06.2023                         50 €                    45 €                         28 €              7 €      



bank account for paying the entry fee:

account holder:            Europamarathon Görlitz-Zgorzelec e.V.

bank:               Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien

IBAN:              DE61 8505 0100 0003 2116 49


reference:        surname, forname, start number


In case of a bank transfer please add a copy of the deposit slip to the application. Applications without a receipt of payment will not be processed.




Registration can be made only by mail (using a fully completed and signed registration form) or online at:

For minors the signature of a legal representative is required. Registration by telphone, fax and e-mail will not be processed!


Closing date:

In the case of a postal application, the deadline is 27.05.2023 (date of the Postmark), with online registration of 31.05.2023, 24 hours. After successful registration you will receive a confirmation mail with your personell datas.


Confirmation of registration:

Upon receipt of the entry fee follows the entry in the internet list and is regarded as confirmation of participation. The participant lists can be viewed at

Distribution of Start number / Late registration

Saturday, 10.06.2023 between 14.00 and 19.00 o’clock     in grammer school “Augustum-Annen” on the “Klosterplatz”. 

Entry fee for late registration is paid in cash.


Distribution of Start number / Late registration

Sunday, 11.06.2022 between 8.00 and until 45 minutes before the start of the respective discipline at Start, Finish intersection of federal road 6 / 99

Entry fee for late registration is paid in cash.


Measurement of time:

The time measurement is carried out by means of a one-way transponder in the start number.


Overnight stays:



phone: +0049 -3581-47 57 0

fax: +0049 – 3581 -47 57 27



Tourist quarters

There are no overnight stays in the grammar school.



Coming from the A4, B112, B99, B6 city center direction

Parking spaces are available on the „Obermarkt“

Laubanerstr. / - Large parking lot industrial area

Disclaimer:     The valid liability are published on the registration form.



Europamarathon                                  phone: +49 (0) 3581-66 78 00

-Geschäftsstelle-                                  fax: +49 (0) 3581-76 45 88

Elisabethstr. 42/43                               e-mail: 02826 Görlitz