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11/12/2022 | Al Ain, United Arab Emirates Al Ain Zoo Run For Smiles

Al Ain Zoo Run For Smiles

Operation Smile presents the return of the Run For Smiles event on Saturday 9th December 2022. 

Experience running through Al Ain Zoo - the courses take you around the Zoo to run amongst the zebras, camels and giraffes.   Through the Safari area and past the flamingo pond.  Through the lovely winding paths of the world desert area and on to the African habitat.  

Join us and the Al Ain Zoo residents for a 2.5km short lap, 5km full lap or two full laps for the 10km contest.

A unique run in one of the most beautiful areas of the UAE.

Start Times

Distance Race Start  Course
10km 7:30am 2 full laps
5km 7:35am 1 full lap
2.5km 7:42am a short lap