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18/09/2022 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Individual Time Trial 2022

We present the Al Hudayriyat Time Trial Challenge on Sunday morning 18th September at Hudayriyat Island to be raced over 13.6Kms for riders 15years+ and 6.8km for juniors 8 to 14 years.  

An individual time trial (ITT) is a race in which cyclists race alone against the clock in either the time trial bike or road bike contest.

ITTs are also referred to as "the race of truth", as winning depends only on each rider's strength and endurance, and not on help provided by teammates and others riding ahead and creating a slipstream

Starting times are at equal intervals, usually set between 30 seconds and 1 minute. 

The starting sequence is usually based on the finishing times in preceding races with the highest ranked cyclist starting last. 

Competitors are not permitted to draft (ride in the slipstream) behind each other. Any help between riders is forbidden.

The rider with the fastest time is declared the winner.



Event check-in from 5:30am. We have set the following suggested starting windows for each group. Riders can start earlier or later but once you pass the start line your time starts.

Start Till Contest
6:00am 6:14am Women's Road Bike
6:15am 6:44am Men's Road Bike
6:45am 6:54am Women's TT Bike
6:55am 7:14am Men's TT Bike
7:15am 7:25am Junior Road Bike
7:15am  7:25am Junior TT Bike


All finishers will receive a Finisher Medal and opportunity to receive a podium medal awarded by age group.



COVID-19 Protocols - To participate in this event we advise participants over 16 must be vaccinated or have the appropriate waiver.  Your ALHOSN app must be showing ‘Green’ with a negative PCR test result having been undertaken within 14 days of event day. 

Competitors under 16, who are or who are not fully vaccinated, need to show a green AlHosn.