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If you have questions about an event, please contact the organizer or race timer. race result has no information about the event.

Race Format
The race will generally be the same as any other CCXL race, a gridding area, start and finish line, and the course marked out with tape (maybe not all of it). The summer series races are evening races with 2 waves across the entire session. Each of the 2 waves includes a mixed adult and Juniors race, the format, stolen from the successful Ashwell series works well, and means you can race according to what time you get home etc.

Please try and race in the same wave every week, as these are the riders you are racing against, to get an overall series position you need to race 3 of the 4 rounds. 
Races need to be entered by 23:55 on the Sunday evening prior to the Wednesday. You can enter on the day but you won’t be gridded and you’ll be starting from the back. Gridding will be carried out by George, age 14, based on a theory only he knows so don’t start crying if you think you should be closer to the front, he’s doing his best (its his IT Project homework). The cost to race for an adult is £10 (£11 for non affiliates) and a  Junior, Youth or Kid is £4 (£5 for non affiliates). ALL of the money raised will be invested back into CCXL to purchase timing chips and a timing system for the season, this drastically reduces the cost of hosting a race.

Age Categories:

  • Kids - U8, U10 & U12 - aged 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

  • Youth Male & Female – U14, U16 - aged 12, 13, 14 and 15

  • Adults and Juniors – Born 2006 or before

Indicative race schedule:

Wave 1

  • Course open from 4:45

  • Kids coaching/Race  for U8/U10 and U12 5:20 – 5:35

  • Wave 1 – Adults and Juniors Race – 5:35 – 6:10

Wave 2

  • Sighting Lap #1: 6:15 – 6:35

  • Wave 2 – Youth Race 6:40 – 7:00

  • Sighting Lap #2: 7:05 – 7:15

  • Wave 2 – Adults and Juniors Race 7:20 – 7:55