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2023-06-17 | Tønder, Denmark "DRIVVEJEN"

Adventure Cyclings "DRIVVEJEN"


"Drivvejen" is one of the oldest and then most important trade routes along the danish west coast - from the north all the way to the borrder to Germany.

It was primarily used to transport cattle and other valuable goods down from the Northern Jutland to the major marketplaces in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

To this day, one can still find traces of the past down along the old trade route.

As a participant in this event, you experience the “real” Denmark. The driveway winds from Thyborøn to Tønder, through some of the least populated areas we have here in Denmark. Large forest areas, heat landscapes, tow ferries and large open expanses are just a few of what awaits you on this amazing ride in the cattle drivers' trail.



The King distance is 350km and starts at sunrise at ca. 04:36AM on 17th of June 2023 in Thyborøn.

The main challenge of the event is to reach Tønder before sunset at ca. 22:06.

“From Dawn to Dusk”


There will also be a half distance of 175 km from Varde to Tønder and a 50 and 100 km distance with start and finish in Tønder.

The race is run according to GPS and becomes more "Adventure" inspired.

One week before the race, the GPX file is sent with the route - you are responsible for downloading the file and finding your way via GPS.


The race is unsupported if you attending the "Unsupported" class.

Ie. you need to be able to fend for yourself all the way. We will help you with a guide to where you can refuel water, opportunities to find provisions etc.

On the 350 km route there will be a "Drop Zone" in Varde. Here we bring a bag for you, which you can pack with whatever you need approx. halfway on the trip.

Supported riders will meet feed zones with energy from our sponsers.


Welcome to Adventure Cyclings “DRIVVEJEN UNSUPPORTED”


Seed groups / Start Groups


Supported class gives you the real Gravel vibe. Whether you want to race internally against friends or just want to have a great day with other Gravel enthusiasts – is all up to you. You will still want the whole experience of a real Gravel event with good food and drink after the race, goodie bag and the opportunity to win cool raffle prizes.

In the Supported group, you don’t have to worry about the fastest riders in the event, as they already have been sent off before you. You just have to concentrate on having a great day.

Included in the Supported registration are:

  • Start number with timing chip
  • Access to earn Adventure Cycling Supported points to the rankings for most completed races
  • Opportunity to win cool raffle prizes
  • Fantastic route on GPX which can be run on the event day by agreement with local landowners
  • Food/drinks after the race
  • Finisher medal
  • E-Bikes are allowed in this class (with separate rankings)
  • Feed Zones with energy from our sponsers



If you want to be in front in the starting box with other riders who want a race day, this is where you belong. The group is starts as the first group and everyone rides with a timing chip in the start number.

In this group, points are given to 1st - 20th place. The points are used to find an overall winner in the seasons Adventure Cycling Event series. Top 5 will be awarded with prizes in this class. 

If you participate in the Unsupported class, you are therefore guaranteed the best conditions for a Gravel Race.

The Unsupported Class is only available for the events full/longest distance.

Included in the Unsupported registration are:

  • Start number with timing chip
  • Access to earn Adventure Cycling Unsupported points for the season rankings
  • Opportunity to win cool prizes
  • Fantastic route on GPX, which can only be ridden on the event day by agreement with local landowners
  • Food/drinks after the race
  • Finisher medal
  • Only full/longest distance
  • No E-bikes allowed in this class



Strat and Finish area

Start area for 350km is:

Danhostel Thyborøn

Harboørevej 10

7680 Thyborøn

Start time: 04.36


Start area for 175km is:

BikeIn Varde

Ribevej 31

6800 Varde

Start time: 09.00


Start area for 50 and 100km and finish area for all distances is:

Kvickly Tønder

Plantagevej 31

6270 Tønder

Start time 100 km: 12:00

Start time 50 km: 13:00

The finish area for all distances is located in Tønder. Food and drinks are served to all participants when arriving at the finish line.




Kl. 15:30: Departure with bus towards Thyborøn.


Kl. 04.36: Start for the 350 km Unsupported and Supported distance in Thyborøn (Cut-Off at 23:30)

Kl. 09:00: Start for 175 km in Varde

Kl. 12.00: Start for the 100 km distance in Tønder

Kl. 13:00: Start for the 50 km distance in Tønder

Kl. 23:30: The finish area in Tønder closes


Distances and prices

350 km Supported and Unsupported / Gravel or Road: 600 DKK*

175 km Supported / Gravel or Road: 400 DKK*

100 km Supported / Gravel or Road: 300 DKK*

50 km Supported / Gravel or Road: 175 DKK*

* Early bird discount -15% to 31.08.2022 on all distances.

Max. number of participants per distance: 100 people

Note: Your registration is binding. We do not refund the entry fee if you are unable to attend and you cannot have your entry number transferred to another event.

However, it is possible to pass on your start number to someone else if you you are prevented from participating.


Transport & Hotels

We offer bus transport from Tønder to Thyborøn and from Tønder to Varde the day before the race. You can park your car in Tønder, jump on the bus and when you arrive the finish line next day, your car will wait for you there.

A bus ticket costs 475 DKK incl. freight by bicycle. There are 50 seats - first come, first served!


Prepare for one of the biggest Gravel adventures to date in Denmark.


Gravel greedings,

Mads, Anita & Stefan

Adventure Cycling



You participate at your own risk.

Adventure Cyclings "Drivvejen Unsupported" or M-Event ApS is not responsible for any human injury or property damage in connection with the race.

Helmet is mandatory for everyone.

You may only participate on E-bikes in the Supported category.

We reserve the right to make changes to the program.

The final program can be expected no later than 1 month before the event is held.