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14.05.2022-18.05.2022 Backyard Masters Virtual Charity Run




Fundraising for Epilepsy patients in Ukraine 


Running (original Backyard 4,167 Miles) & Hiking (shorter Distance 2,084 Miles)!


At May 14th, 8:00 AM the race "The Race of the Champions - Backyard Masters" will start. It is a Backyard Ultra with a top level participants list. A selection of the world best ultralongdistancerunners will start their 6,7056 km loops in Germanys hillbilly countryside. Every hour they will run the same loop until they don't.

The actual world record is 85 loops / hours. The runners at the Masters will try to set this record a bit higher.

One of the athletes is Viktoriia Nikolaienko, the actual Ukrainian Backyard Champion and with 236 km / 24h one of the fastest woman on earth in the 24h category. Next week she will travel through the war zone in her home country under danger situations until she will reach the safe border to Poland where she can take the train to Germany. Because of Viktoriias participation I got the idea to start one more Charity run and let more people get the Backyard Ultra feeling With the virtual version of the Backyard Masters it is now possible for everybody to run "virtual" together with these top athletes.

Why Epilepsy?
Viktoriias Family is affected by epilepsy and the war in Ukraine let increase the number of patients with this disease. The supply chain for the necessary medicine is broken and it is very hard to get more medicine and help for the patients.

The whole donations of this charity run will be donated to EpiNET Ukraine. The doctors at the neurological practice in Singen /Germany are already supplying medicine to a hospital specialized for Epilepsy patients in Czernowitz in West-Ukraine close to the Romanian border. We will support their helping actions with this charity run.

Press-Article about the help of the German Neurologists in Singen





    • Distance: 6,7056 Km / 4,167 Miles
    • Original Backyard-Distance with the same rules like a real Backyard Ultra race.
    • Distance: 3,353 Km / 2,084 Miles
    • Good for slow runners, hikers and walkers who like to get a feeling about a Backyard Ultra race and the gruel rules..
    • All rules are the same like a real race, except the distance

The race is following the rules from Lazarus Lake. The Hiking run has a shorter distance. All other rules are still valid. Here you can find the rules.

Start is at 8 AM MESZ (UTC +2) on May 14th. 2022

Everybody will run the own planned track with a distance of 4,167 Miles / 6,7056 Km. The course can be a bit longer, but not an inch shorter. Indoor Treadmill running is also ok.

Support is important at a backyard ultra. If possible you have a good support at your start&finish line to serve you with food and drinks, doing the technical communication (upload your loop time, etc.) If you will be able to run longer time, you will be happy that your support can do this work for you.

In general a virtual run only works if the athletes and the organisation is trust each other. You are responsible to submit your correct loop time. For the timing you will get a link. With this link you can submit at your personal RaceResult page your loop times (mm:ss). You have to submit your loop time directly after you finish the loop. 10 min. after each hour the possibility to submit your time will be closed. For example, your time for the loop which you begin at 11:00 AM must be submit until 12:10

If you don't submit a time, if you need longer than 60 min or if you check the DNF checkbox, your race is over.

Donation Fee
Donation: 10,- €