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01.02.2023 No Rest for the Wicked 2023

No Rest for the Wicked 2023

Challenge: Within February 2023, start a sporting activity on foot on each of the 7 days of the week and at each of the 24 hours. The starting time is 01.02.2023 00:00. The last possible activity must be completed no later than 02/28/2023 23:59 (28 days for 24 activities - so you'll have an easy four day break)!


This event is free and is designed to generate funds for children and youth services on a voluntary basis. All fundraising activities will be transparently documented on my Facebook profile.


There is no ranking of participants in this challenge. It is also not about how many kilometers you have run in total. Think of the Challenge as an important training session to beat your inner badass. You also have to think about your time management. Family, job and sports are often difficult to reconcile. And now a running session at 3 o'clock in the morning? And all that in the most uncomfortable month of the year. That's not easy!

The following rules apply:

  1. Each completed run has a minimum length of 5 km.
  2. Each completed run has a minimum duration of 45min.
  3. Each session has to take place outdoors.
  4. Running, hiking, marching. Everything is OK.
  5. There must be a minimum 90 minute break between two activities!
  6. Official events only count single (love to the 24h runners).
  7. You don't have to be out exactly on the hour. The 4am activity can also be started at 4:59.
  • Starting fee: 1 €
  • Donation: Voluntary donations in favor of the "Schinder Aid - Kids" campaign will be gladly accepted until 06.03. and then handed over to children's and youth institutions. Donation account: (Subject: NRFTW)
  • Medal: 8,90 € incl. shipping costs
  • If there is enough interest, there will of course also be event shirts.