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21/05/2022 | Peel, Isle of Man Race The Sun

Race the Sun - Saturday 21st May, 2022

Race the Sun is a fundraising event ran annually by The Children's Centre and kindly sponsored by Utmost International Isle of Man

This year, due to the local tide times, will see the event reverting back to a clockwise direction.

The task is simple - starting in Peel at sunrise (05:05am) your team must complete a lap of the dramatic 100 mile island coastal footpath before the sun sets, aiming to finish as close to sunset (21:25pm) as possible. The day is finished off with a presentation and hot buffet served by the fabulous team at The Marine.

The event is open to teams of up to 10 people, who each run one of the 10 sections, which vary in length, landscape and difficulty - ranging from 6.5 miles to 12 miles in distance.

The runners will take in a variety of terrains ranging from impressive sandy beaches; picturesque glens; estuaries and exposed cliff tops. The race requires strength, stamina and agility, as well as sheer determination. 

Race the Sun is most definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Please note this is a self-supported event and participants will need to transport their own team members, and make sure that team mates arrive at transition points on time.

For full details about the event, please checkout The Children's Centre website

Or alternatively email, or call. Jane Howland or Sharon or 01624 800 000 for further information.