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“The world moves for LittleBigHelp”

It is time to pick up your jogging shoes or yoga mat once again because on May 29th LittleBigHelp's virtual charity run is back! Once again we move for vulnerable children in India. So bring your friend, child, grandparent, neighbour, cat, or a cup of coffee and help us create a brighter future for children living in the slums of India. On this day “The world moves for LittleBigHelp” will be happening in different countries around the world and we need you!  


At “The world moves for LittleBigHelp” everyone is welcome , at all ages and states of shape, because you choose wherever you want to run or walk your chosen distance and you plan your own route. So no matter if you prepare your running shoes or stroll with your pram, we hope you will join us. Because on this day, YOU help make a difference for the children in India’s slum areas. You can either choose to go for a run, a walk or choose our new categori, "All Movement" if you'd like to swim, do yoga or something else to support our projects. 



Date: Sunday 29th of May 2022

Price: DKK 90 (approx. €12)  For adults and DKK 45 (approx. €6) for children and by signing up you will receive your start number. 

Distances: Run or walk: 5, 10, 21 or 42 km or do the sport you wish with the "All movement" category

Where: Just where you like! Because you plan your own route and exercise.  

Sign up: Buy your starting number for 5, 10, 21 eller 42 km or "All movement" for choosing your own type of exercise.


What are we fundraising for? 

The proceeds from the charity run goes to LittleBigHelp’s projects for vulnerable children in the slums of India. This run fundraises for our Community Centres in the slum, where children who don’t normally go to school will be offered a school preparation course until they are ready to be enrolled in school. While they are at the Centre they will also receive a daily meal, health checks, therapy and LittleBigHelp do home visits to ensure the support from the family to their children’s education. 

For every sold start number of DKK 90 (€12) we can give 28 meals or have a child in our Centre in 14 days. Your participation will help change lives.