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Qatar East to West 90k Ultramarathon

5th edition

Friday, December 10 / 5am / Sheraton park
Organized by Qatar Ultra Runners
Sponsored by Qatar Sports For All Federation (QSFA)

About The Race

●      QEW ultramarathon is the longest and the only ultra road running race in Qatar where athletes run across the country cost to cost, covering 90 km
●      Athletes can run individually or with a team up to 6 people
●      Race started unofficially in 2017 with 25 runners
●      The first official edition was in 2018
●      In 2020 the race attracted 450 runners of 40 different nationalities


The course

●      The race starts from Sheraton Park in Doha and end at Dukhan beach

●      Race is completely on-road
●      There are 5 main aid stations on the course that provide water and refreshments
●      Smaller- water-only stations are available between the main stations
●      The distances between the 5 main stations are as following:

Start line - S1

11.9 km

S1 - S2

22.5 km

S2 - S3

14.5 km

S3 - S4

14.2 km

S4 - S5

14 km

S5 - finish line

12.6 km


●      A team can be up to 6 runners
●      Each runner gets his/her BIB number
●      It’s up to the team to decide which runner does which segment
●      Team runners can only relay at the 5 MAIN aid stations

Cut off time

●      Athletes are given 15 hours to complete the race, so the race official cutoff time is 8pm
●      There’s another mid-race cutoff time for the 3rd aid station (49km from the start line) which is at 1pm. That gives athletes 8 hours to finish the first 49 km of the race


●      Buses will be available to transfer athletes who don’t have transportation back to Doha from the finish line
●      Details of the timing will be posted closer to the race

Medical Support

●      The medical support is provided by Hamad Medical Corporation
●      Ambulances will be available to quickly respond to any emergencies

Gear and kit list

●      Proper running shoes and a spare pair of shoes
●      It is strongly advised not to use new running shoes for the first time in such a long race. Use shoes that you have used before for running and know you are comfortable
●      Spare shorts, t-shirts, socks, towel, and any other personal items that you might need
●      Backpack (or belt) containing fluids to make sure you are properly hydrated all the time
●      Sunscreen
●      Head cover and Sunglasses
●      Running jacket in case it gets cold in the evening
●      Fully charged headlamp
●      Smartphones are mandatory to make it easier for the organizers to access your location in case of any emergency
●      Portable charger for your phone, sports watch, etc.
●      Warm close and breathable footwear for the finish line
●      Vaseline or any other type of lubricant


●      You can sign up for the race through QSFA phone app
●      Click here to download the app

Follow Qatar Ultra Runners Instagram page for race updates

Qatar Ultra Runners contacts
Phone number: +974 3372 1474