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  • Last Man Standing Ultramarathon is a backyard ultra race held on the pristine, wooded trails of Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine. The course is a 4.2 mile loop with double track and some moderate elevation gain.

  • The LMS course is as inviting as it is challenging. Those who are new to trail running and the backyard ultra format may find themselves completing new personal best distances. Trail veterans will push against their toughest limits and break through them!

  • Race organizers will provide a large tent with water and some snack food. There will also be food for sale in the afternoon and evening on Saturday. We strongly encourage you to visit Pineland Farms Market for fantastic locally grown and prepared foods. Racers are responsible for their own nutrition.

  • Racing starts at 12 noon on Saturday. Racers will complete the course at whatever pace they choose, but they must complete the loop in less than 60 minutes. Those that complete the course in under an hour will earn the right to continue. The next lap start is at 1pm. Same loop, same rules apply. The race continues in this format until there is only one athlete remaining. The lone athlete must be able to complete 1 more lap than the runner up to be declared the Last Man Standing and the winner. If no one is able to complete 1 more lap than the field, there will be no winner.

Last Man Standing Ultramarathon