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2021-07-29 Race for Oceans Stafetten 2021

The Race for Oceans Relay combining sports, beach clean-ups and knowledge in a unique way will leave the island of Sylt on Thursday 29th July and reach its finish line in Skagen on Saturday 7th August.

The route along the coastline covers 444 k divided into 55 sections. The disciplines are primarily running/walking (approx. 15 min./per k.) but SUP and kayaking is also possible. The length of each section varies between 2 – 58 k, depending on section and discipline. Up to 8 people can participate in each section.

Everyone who enters this event is on the same team and will jointly bring the baton from Sylt to Skagen. The baton must be in movement either on shore or in the water.
Please notice that security is priority. This means that there might be sections, where activities on water will be cancelled due to conditions and the baton must instead be transferred by running or walking when possible.

On chosen locations along the route there will be a beach clean-up. These will be organised in cooperation with KIMO, the communes, organisations, companies as well as local ocean lovers.