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Falcon Daman Challenge - Race 3 | Al Hudayriyat Island

The Falcon Daman Challenge Race 3 will be held on Monday 5th April.

The format for race 3 will follow the same as race 2 with riders being allocated a start group and the on the day results being the rider first across the line.

Men Group 4 - 7:10pm, Group 3 - 7:14pm, Group 2 - 7.16pm, Group 1, 7:18pm and Scratch at 7:20pm

Ladies Group 1 - 7:00pm and Scratch at 7:05pm

Juniors will be a neutral start and first across the line.

Results will be displayed as three divisions: Emirati, Rest of the World and Global (all).  Each division will carry Overall and Age Group.

A prize pool of AED60,000 has been allocated for the OVERALL results  by AGE GROUP at the completion of race 3 with: 

1st Place AED3,000

2nd Place AED2,000

3rd Place AED1,000

Should riders be equal on points, the winner will then be decided on the lowest NET time for the 3 races.


Juniors:  8 km (1 x 8 km laps), 16 km (2 x 8km laps)

Ladies & Men:  56.8Km (4 laps with lap 1 being 13.9km and then laps 2,3,4 being 14.3km in distance)


4:45 pm:  Registration opens

5.45 pm:  Start Juniors (8Km, 16Km)

6:55 pm:  Start Ladies (56.8Km)

7:10 pm:  Start Men (56.8Km)

Men's Group timings:

7:10 pm: Group 4

7:14 pm: Group 3

7:16 pm: Group 2

7:18 pm: Group 1

7:20 pm: Group S

PLEASE NOTE: Participants can ONLY use a road bike. No time trial, mountain, fixed gear, track bikes or any additional handlebar.

COVID-19 Protocols - All participants must provide their PCR negative test result to be within 48 hours of event day. Participants vaccinated with the sign (*), (E) or (V) in their ALHOSN app must provide a negative PCR test result within 7 days.
No spectators are allowed within the event zone.