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The Clayton 10k can be run anywhere but in the spirit of this race we would like you to include 300ft of elevation!

The virtual race is open to all. If you are a member of NSRRA please include your nsrra number on entry so that you can be allocated your points as normal.  

Your run should be completed between Tuesday 1st and 4pm Saturday 5th September and proof of your time sent to AV Timing before 5pm on the 5th September2020.

Option 1 – Single Run: Run the virtual 10K in one continuous run with an elevation of at least 300feet. For NSRRA members to qualify for points you must choose this option.

Option 2 – Multiple Runs: Run the virtual 10K over the same period (Tuesday 1st and 4pm Saturday 5th September) the distances you choose must add up to at least 10K. No elevation is necessary.

Please observe the social distancing rules wherever you run. 

Send a finish line selfie to Bryan Dale -

On entry you will receive a virtual race number and a medal will be posted to you following publication of the results. You will also received a bespoke race certificate.

Fees: £10.00 (+£1.50 Admin Charge).