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If you have questions about an event, please contact the organizer or race timer. race result has no information about the event.


We are grateful for your enthusiasm to participate, but you came to register a little too soon. We are still making preparations on sign-ups, we are making sure the website is working fine and we will launch everything very soon. 

In 2020 we are trying to get our competitions into the Childrens VRL calendar. (Detská VRL). It will have multiple starts, multiple categories, therefore multiple potentional winners. When it comes to the children category, it will have separate boys and girl only starts. But until then, yu can read the last years rules and proposition HERE, but be aware, they are subject to change for the year 2020. If n will be changed, we will proceed according to the last years schedule. You can also check out some videos of our races from past years by clicking on the links below. We are also planning close cooperation with congenial competitions, either az organizational assistance, as competitors in the race itself, or as organizers :

18.4.2020 Castle Cross - Veľká Ida      a short video from 2018 CLICK HERE   3rd year of this race full video of last years race HERE

27.6.2020 Hrhovský divočák - Hrhov     a short highlight video from 2018 CLICK HERE. In 2020 3rd year of this race, also beside cycling a running race

11.7.2020 Čečejovce- Seleška  Race,  1st year in 2020 

8.8.2020 Individual uphill timing race Zlatá Idka - Kojšovská hoľa. 4th year of this race in 2020, cycling and running race. In 2020 a new category "Family race" (parent + child) a short highlight video from 2019 CLICK HERE

Thank you for your understanding

Orgamozational Team