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Vidösternsimmet August 14th 2021.


The longest and toughest open water race in Sweden takes place in the fresh waters of the lake Vidöstern. Enjoy the nature of the surrounding Swedish countryside, on your path to the relaxing hot tub in the finish area at the south end of the lake. Note: There is no guaranteed finish in this event! You have to struggle with the forces of nature, focus on every stroke and count the big yellow buoys as you navigate past them on your way to the finish line. You will probably start to wonder how big the ”plus-part” of +21km will become. The safety organisation and supporting crew are well dimensioned but on purpose we leave a part of the responsibility to you as a part of the challenge. We provide four feeding stations stuffed with carbs, coffee, buns and bars on the beaches along the lake side to give you energy to continue. Swimmers who manage this swim will for sure be ready for even bigger challenges like the Channel.


The last leg of the classic +21km challenge, is a race of its own. We call it our sprint, but it is a challenge twice as long as the standard open water race. You start the race from the lawn of the manor Toftaholm Herrgård, dating back to the 15th century, and you will finish at Sundet at the same area as the swimmers from the longer swim.

+0,5km, LiLLa Vidösternsimmet

In the finish area for all of the Vidösternsimmet events, we organise a short race intended for the ones who haven’t tested swimming in Open Water yet. Included in the fee you get a T-shirt, a bathing cap, a medal, something warm/cold to drink and a waffle. When you have crossed the finish line you are also welcomed to sit in the hot tub until the first swimmer of the +21km event arrives.

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