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14.09.2019 | München, Germany Sri Chinmoy Peace-Mile 6-Hour Race

This 6-hour race is a friendly and entertaining event for solorunners and teams alike. The race is held at the Peace-Mile in Munich-Moosach. It is situated in the beautifully park around the Post-Sport-Club in Munich and gives the races its name. Here's how the event works ...

Solo runners: 6-hour races are perfect if you want to adventure into the ultra running scene. It's a good way to go past a Marathon for the first time. If you are a specialist or old-timer in hour races you will enjoy it just as much as this race has a family-like friendly atmosphere and lots of nature, too.

Team Relay: There are 4 members in a team. A team can be all male, all female or mixed (at least 1 male and 1 female per mixed team). The members can change as often as they want to. With a smart strategy you can be right up front.

Hero-Cup: This race is part of the Hero-Cup, a race series of six 6-hour races staged by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team. You can find more details in the Cup Section.

More Info on the race website: