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Level X

Mobil 81121281
Dan Rider ApS
Grøftebjergvej 29
DK 5492 Vissenbjerg
CVR 26719127


Lørdag 7. oktober 2017

Start kl. 03:57

Distance 24 timer - PRIS 799,- (+ 6,25 kr. i online gebyr)

Distance 12 timer - PRIS 549,- (+ 6,25 kr. i online gebyr)


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"Level X - SpartanCross" ( )

Begivenheden "Level x - Terminator" ( )

Terminator, will this year host both the 12 and 24 hour edition for those who missed the 12 hour edition last year. This means that you can sign up for either the 12 OR the 24 hr. edition. NOT both. We want to give all a fair shot at obtaining the full "triology" of the Terminator Race. In contrast; next year will host the 24 and 72 hr. edition and the final year only the 72 hour edition. This also means its your FINAL chance in order to complete the FULL triology.

The terminator is an extreme OCC- Obstacle course challenge with a mix from every hardcore ocr- and endurance race from around the world.
 Maybe you have hear rumors about The Death Race, The Hurrican Heat, WTM and many others... Common for all these challenges is that you can´t prepare yourself for the stuff waiting for you. - it will hit you like a hammer... Physically and mentally...
 The challenge is NOT set for a 100% completion and we DONT want everyone to finish the challenge - but if you - or your team does; you will qualify for next years edition - we are just warming up this year.

The race will be team and individually orientated - This year will be more individually based - and for points as well.

Our challenge will be 100% self supported - we will provide you with a list of stuff you absolutely will need to bring - actually... We will check to see if you packed it - and if not - you will be "terminated"; even before the start.

We wont pitty you; dry your nose or wipe your crying eyes... You did this to yourself... We just provided the gameplay.
 Location; equipment and info will be held to a min. -Not your style? Then dont sign up!

A MAD, MAD OCR scientist, Endurance Racer AND 2x DEATH RACE finisher will provide a nice little gameplay filled with crazy love!

Teams of 1 to 4... If you dont have a team we will randomly put you in a Group.

Are you the Terminator Finisher this year?

Oh! Did we forget to say that there is only 50 spots available!!!