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Dirty 30 Running
Boulder, CO

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Comments (3)

06/01, 2015 17:50:36
Andrew Terrill: Golden Gate Dirty 3-

An awesome trail race in every way possible - well organized, faultless scenery, incredible volunteers, and great post-race atmosphere. If you like steep gnarly terrain, great people, and an adventure, then this is the race for you.

06/01, 2015 08:37:36
Rickey Henderson: First time - definitely not the last!

Getting to the race: Well thought out for a very difficult location - smooth process to get to the start, if you don't mind riding a bus for 10+ minutes.

This entire course is gorgeous. Who is complaining about trail quality? I thought the trails were pristine...90+% are dirt singletrack. If you train on trails, these are better than most you've trained on guaranteed. Scenery will take your mind off of running. Steeps aren't too bad, not too steep mostly, but uphill for a couple miles at a time is a little long, but do-able.

After party rocked. Great setup and likely to return annually- hopefully!

05/31, 2015 22:01:16
Mitch : Tough but awesome race

A well organized, difficult 50k with a great after party! The trails are not easy to run fast on. These are not buffed out local park trails. Loose rocks, roots and steep grades dominate this course. The aid stations rocked, Tailwind, lots of other goodies and knowledgeable volunteers made each enjoyable. 32 miles of mostly fun running and speed hiking. Great job all!