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If you have questions about an event, please contact the organizer or race timer. race result has no information about the event.

If you want more info, a series guide is available. Here is some of that information:


This event series combines Mountain bike Cross Country (XCO) racing, just like you can see on TV and at the Olympics, with entry-level Gravity Enduro racing called Funduro.

XCO is a lap-based event where riders will complete a specified number of laps on a track chosen for their age group. For example, the U7 age group will race on a flatter and shorter track compared to a U19 rider. The U7 rider will have a race time of 20 minutes, while the U19 will race for almost 60 minutes.

Funduro, for this event series, involves 3 sections of track where riders will have their time recorded each time they pass through the segment. The fastest attempt through each segment will be added together to determine a winner. Two of these segments will be on the XCO course, while a third will be away from the XCO track, allowing riders who aren’t racing the XCO to ride. Ideally, these tracks are mostly downhill with fun and flowy sections, and the most skillful riders are awarded the best times.

Series points are available for both the XCO and Funduro events, and riders will earn points for themselves and their school. All riders will receive points for racing, and schools are encouraged to enter large numbers of riders. The event focuses on having fun, riding your bike, and keeping active.


The following events will be conducted as part of the Series:

  • Olympic Distance MTB: XCO
  • Beginner Gravity Enduro: Funduro

3. Event Schedule

The following schedule will be used. Please note, if U15-U19 becomes too large, U17 and U19 will start 30 minutes after U15.

Time Location Action Funduro Track Use
8:30am HQ Registration open Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
9:25am HQ Rider briefing for:
U7 + U9 XC
U15 + Funduro
9:30am HQ Race Start:
U7 + U9 XC
U15 + Funduro on Track 3
Closed U15-U19
10:25am HQ Rider briefing:
U11 + U13 XC
10:30am HQ U11 + U13 XC Race Start Used in XC
11:55pm HQ Rider briefing:
U15, U17 + U19 Cross Country
Closed U7 + U9 Only
12:00pm HQ Race Start:
U15, U17 + U19 Cross Country
Used in XC U7 + U9 Only
1:00pm Site-wide All Funduro Tracks Open U7 + U9 Only U11+
1:15pm Site-wide Open to all
1:45pm   Funduro Timing finishes All closed
2:00pm HQ Presentation
3:00pm Site-wide All Packed Up



The below categories will be run for the 2024 AusCycling Schools Mountain Bike Series - NSW. Age categories are based on the age riders are at the 31st December of the year of the event.

Category Gender
U7 Male/Female
U9 Male/Female
U11 Male/Female
U13 Male/Female
U15 Male/Female
U17 Male/Female
U19 Male/Female


There will be an XCO and Funduro sub-category in each age category:

  • XCO: This is the lap-based event that all riders must enter.
  • Funduro: This is the 3-segment event that is an additional event.


Riders will self-seed during the first event, but those who are currently racing at the club level or higher are encouraged to move closer to the start line. There will be significant open fire roads for riders to sort positions leading into the first single track. Students who are ranked in the top 10 in the series should move to the front. 


Entry fees are structured to ensure the event remains cost-effective for all families. Each event will cost the following for each rider:

Race Event Entry Fee
Schools MTB XCO $25 per rider
Schools MTB XCO + Funduro $30 per rider
Late Fee A $10 per rider late entry fee will be applied to entries from the Monday before the Friday events.
Refund policy 100% if notification recieved over 7 days out
100% - $10 if notification recieved 2-7 days out
0% on the day or previous day without medical certificate
If the event needs to be postponed to another date due to weather and you cant make the new date %100 - $10 will be returned



Riders who have entered and are no longer able to attend can obtain a full refund if over 1 week before the event. After this date has passed, in order to obtain a refund (-$10 to cover number plate and timing), riders must submit a medical certificate to, in line with the AusCycling Refund Policy
In the event of a postponed event, riders can withfraw and request a refund -$10 to cover the printed number plate and timing.

Cost of entry includes your race plate, a marked-out course with live timing, marshals and officials, There may also be a sausage sanger and or drink provided, and this will be well advertised on event flyers.  Note that it is advised that all riders have family ambulance cover, as we will not hesitate to call an ambulance if the First Aid Officer deem it necessary.


4.5        MEMBERSHIP

As this is a Mass Participation (Schools) event, AusCycling Personal Accident & Public Liability insurance covers each rider, but only for the duration of the round event.

Non-AusCycling members are encouraged to sign-up for a 4-week Free Trial Membership or Race Membership with their local Club if interested in participating in other MTB events outside of the Schools Series.  Click here for further information >


4.7        SERIES POINTS

Points are awarded for all riders in each age category and event, and every rider receives points towards their school. Series points are available online here: TBC
Points are awarded for the following placings:























All other positions will earn 5 points both individually and for the school.

Points accumulate throughout the series at both a School and Individual level.  At the conclusion of the series at the Final Round, winners will be announced for overall School and for each age group and class.
NOTE: Points are awarded on the best 5 results and the Newcastle/Glenrock round is worth 20% more points. 

5         VENUES

The host venues and Clubs for the Series will be:


Round 1 – Friday 8 March

Location Name

Kempsey Golf Course

Host Club

Macleay Valley Mountain Bikers Club



Location Address

330 Macleay Valley Way, South Kempsey NSW 2440

Map Link


Round 2 NSW Schools State XCO Champs (bonus points) – Thursday / Friday 21/22 March

Location Name

Glenrock MTB Park

Host Club

Hunter Mountain Bike Association



Location Address

Gun Club Rd off Fernleigh Loop, Adamstown Heights

Map Link


Round 3 –Friday June 7

Location Name

Jacks Ridge MTB Park

Host Club

Nambucca Valley Mountain Bike Club



Location Address

Corner Jacks Ridge Road and Teague Road, Nambucca State Forest, Nambucca Heads Nambucca Heads, NSW, Australia 2447

Map Link


Round 4 – Friday August 9

Location Name

Tamworth Mountain Bike Park

Host Club

Tamworth Mountain Bikers Club



Location Address

Tamworth Mountain Bike Park, 194 Forest Rd, North Tamworth NSW 2340

Map Link


Round 5 – Friday 13 September

Location Name

Awaba MTB Park

Host Club

Hunter Mountain Bike Association



Location Address

Jenkins Rd, Freemans Waterhole

Map Link



6.1        Mountain Bike XCO

XCO course are a lapped based event where riders will complete laps of courses suitable to the age of the riders. Riders who aren’t able to complete all laps can stop at any time. There will be sweep marshals on track to aid riders in making decision around completing or withdrawing.  

Estimated distances are as follows:

  • U7 approx. 3kms
  • U9 approx. 4kms
  • U11 approx. 6kms
  • U13 approx. 8kms
  • U15 approx. 16kms
  • U17 approx. 16kms
  • U19 approx. 16kms

Please note, it may not always be possible to hit the target race time depending on the track, weather and as the age groups get older. As we are running these events to a schedule, we may combine categories to make the racing more fun, and it is possible slower riders might not have time to complete their entire number of laps.

6.2            Funduro

Funduros are like a gravity enduro events but without the steep, technical or high speed sections that require the use of body armor and full face helmets. The funduros that are part of the NSW school series will have 2 segments that are part of the XCO course and 1 additional track outside of the race course. This will allow for riders who aren’t currently racing in the XCO to have time to sessions the additional track.

Each time a rider passes through each of the timed segments, their time will be recorded, and it will count towards their total Funduro time. Total Funduro time is made up of the fastest time from each of the 3 segments added together. Only riders who have registered in the Funduro will have access to see their segment results.

7         EQUIPMENT

7.1                 Bicycles

Mountain Bike

Bicycles designed for off-road use including Mountain bikes, Cyclo-cross / gravel bikes and BMX bicycles may be used.  Off road designed tyres are highly recommended to increase traction and comfort. Riders can use different bikes through the day.

All bicycles must have two efficient and independent hand brakes, or one hand brake accompanied with a foot brake. Handlebars must be plugged.

Free (single ratchet/coaster) or variable geared bicycles may be used. Fixed sprockets (fixed wheel/no ability to coast) shall be forbidden from competition.

7.2                 Helmets

A securely fitted approved helmet must be worn at all times while riding. Riders may be disqualified from the competition if seen riding without a helmet. Riders can use open face or full-face helmets for these events and can change between events.

All helmets must be Australian Standards approved (AS/NZ 2063).

Any modification to an approved helmet is strictly prohibited.

7.3                 Clothing

Students can choose to race wearing their school uniform but may wear cycling specific clothing to ensure they are comfortable. When choosing suitable clothing, students must have shoulders covered and enclosed shoes. While not compulsory gloves and glasses are recommended.  

7.4                 Race Numbers and Transponders

Race plates need to be attached to the handlebars and have a race chip attached to the back. It is important that riders are using their own race plate.  

8         AWARDS & PRIZING

The following awards will be provided for all categories:

Product prizes from sponsors and medals.

Presentations will occur as per the published round schedule.


While we have multiple first aid trained personel at the event, schools and parents should bring their own first aid kit and seek help for assistance.   


All attendees of the 2024 NSW Schools Mountain Bike Series are required to adhere to the AusCycling Code of Conduct. Failure to do so, or to follow any reasonable direction provided by appointed officials at the event, may result in removal from the venue or exclusion from competition.

All events will be conducted in accordance with the AusCycling Technical Regulations:
o General
o Mountain Bike
o Child Safe


For further information please contact: