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05/04/2023 | Douglas, Isle of Man Primary Schools Cross Country Championship

Primary Schools Cross Country Championships 2023

Date: Wednesday 5th April 2023 (reserve date - 26.04.2023)

Time: 1.35-3.20pm  (First race starts at 2.05pm prompt)

Venue: Nobles Park, Douglas (Upper football pitches)

Course details
1,400 metres
(just under 1 mile) - approximately. This will be 2 laps around the marked course.

Setting up of course
Andy Fox with help from SNHS pupils.

Race Headquarters for scorers and toilets: Pavilion (Pre-booked)

Ample parking in main car park behind Grandstand off Glencrutchery Road

By car park behind Grandstand, in the Pavillion and also in the park near the bowling green.

First Aid
St. John’s Ambulance will be in attendance.

Risk assessments
Peter Lewis/Andy Fox with support from Adrian Mooney at DESC.

SNHS sixth formers

Each school competing to provide 2 teams of up to 6 - one boys team/1 girls team (no reserves necessary).
Teams can be a mix of Y3, 4, 5, 6 for example.
As in previous years, we will be operating a system of the top 4 in each team to count. This means that schools who are struggling to bring 6 children for each team, can still enter.

Preparation for schools before the event

Once your team is finalised, please return to this site and go to the "Registration" tab. From there, you will be able to enter the names of all the competitors for your school. This opens on Friday 31st March at 9am and closes at 7pm on Tuesday 4th April.

The timing system on the day will be an electronic system managed by manxtimingsolutions with the children using electronic tags which they secure around their wrist using a velcro strap. This electronic system provides for greater accuracy and enables us to have individual/team results confirmed immediately after each race.

As a back-up; students from SNHS will be using an i-Pad to film the finish.

Starting arrangements:
Between 1.25pm and 1.40pm 

Children (with their team coaches) can walk the course to become familiar with the route and terrain (optional)

All team coaches to take their boys teams to starting area where Andy Fox will organise positions for each team.
Each child in a team stands behind one another in order of ability (to be decided by team coach beforehand).

Race briefing for boys race

Boys race begins on whistle

Repeat procedure for 2nd race (girls) starting at 2.20pm

2.40pm - Races over

One member of staff from each school is responsible for meeting their runners at the end, detaching electronic tags immediately from each pupil and then returning complete sets to the Graham Hughes at manxtimingsolutions in the centre of the field.
2nd member of staff to supervise the other team by the Pavillion.

Prize presentation at 3pm approx
Representation from the company providing sponsorship (Renov8) will be involved in presenting the prizes, as well as a well-known Manx athlete.

Scoring arrangements
Electronic timing system provided by Manx Timing Solutions and all information including race organisation and results will be available here on the Results tab.

Trophies (Replicas ordered from Corletts - same order each year)
• Individual winner for each boys and girls race
• Winning boys team
• Winning girls team
• Overall winning team

All children taking part to receive a certificate. These are to be emailed to participating schools afterwards for them to print, copy and complete, or provided on the day by MSR as in previous years.

Entry fee:
No costs for individual schools apart from transport.
This year, our event is being sponsored once again by Renov8 and they have agreed ot support the full funding of the costs.

No refreshments (including water) will be provided, so can all schools please bring their own food/drinks if needed.

Please can all schools bring a plastic bin bag to help remove all rubbish from the field before they depart.

Transport arrangements
Schools are encouraged to share transport with nearby schools.

Advertisement date for schools
February 2023

Last date for entry: Tuesday 4th April 2023.

Pete Lewis (686633 / 401229 /

Course layout:
Andy Fox
PA System:
Danny Kneale (SNHS)

Chief marshall:
Andy Fox and SNHS students

IOM Newspapers

Race caller/PA:
Andy Fox/Pete Lewis

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