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This one word that today defines both Liberia and the Liberia Marathon is potential. As Liberia’s story of progress and development is not yet complete, nor is the Liberia Marathon’s – it is just starting. The Liberia Marathon Race Series 2021/2022 will lift the race to new levels by growing bigger and better and adding new exciting features as drivers of progress while maintaining and institutionalizing proven success factors. 

The 4th edition of the Liberia Marathon will be organised as a race series: The Liberia Marathon Race Series 2021/2022 will include two main events.

  • November 28, 2021: A major 10k race right through the center of the beautiful city of Monrovia . 
  • Spring 2022: The race over the full marathon distance  will lead the runners around the entire city of Monrovia, giving the perfect views on the lush green mangroves, the bustling city center, and the endless water. Sightrunning as it’s best!

The registration for the 10k race in November 2021 is open now! Please sign up here and run with us in November.