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If you have questions about an event, please contact the organizer or race timer. race result has no information about the event.

Woodridge Pony Xpress 2021 proudly sponsored by Brooks Hire


Event Date

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of October.

  • Registrations close at 10pm on Sunday 26th September.
  • Junior registrations are open to riders ages 4 to 15 and seniors are open to ages 12 and over.
  • Age is based on a person's age on the date of the event.
  • It is open to members and non-members and quads and 2 wheelers.



ATV&MX Woodridge track, first driveway on the right after Gingin Brook Road (heading north towards Lancelin) on Indian Ocean Drive.



Saturday 9th October

Junior Racing

  • Sign in 9.00am
  • Riders meet 9:30am
  • Sight lap short course 9.45am
  • Racing short course 10am-11am (1 hour race)
  • Sight lap for long course 11.45am
  • Racing long course 12pm-1:30pm (1.5 hour race)
  • Presentations: 2pm


Senior's Sign In and Prologue

  • Sign in 1pm
  • Riders meet 2.30pm
  • Prologue 3:30pm-5pm (fastest lap to determine start positions for Sunday)


Relax the night away with a campout and a massive bonfire.

Food available for dinner with bar and canteen open.


Sunday 10th October

  • Breakfast available with yummy coffee
  • Sign in 8am
  • Riders meet 9am
  • Racing 10am -1pm (3 hour race)
  • Presentations: 2pm




Short Course Ironman

  • 4 to 8 year olds; 2-wheeler Up to 50cc
  • 4 to 8 year olds; Quad Up to 50cc
  • 7 to 12 year olds; 2-wheelers 65cc
  • 7 to 12 year olds; Up to 90cc 2 stroke/125cc 4 stroke


Long Course Ironman

  • 2-wheeler 85cc and over
  • Quads 90cc and over
  • Teams Under 16s
    • Teams are 2 riders and may be 2 wheelers, Quads or a combination ,  All will be scored together.



Long course Ironman

  • 2-wheeler
  • Quads
  • Quad Teams
  • 2-wheeler Teams
  • 2-wheeler/Quad combined teams



  • (Quads start after 2 wheelers for safety reasons)
  • Teams is a relay style race.
  • Please ensure you check the age/ bike size restrictions for the club prior to registering juniors:
  • All juniors over 12 will need to wear high vis when entering into the Senior event.
  • Cost includes electronic timing chip hire. Racers will be charged additional $100.00 if race chip not returned after the race.
  • Results will be available at as well as being posted on FACEBOOK.
  • Junior short course is approximately 1.5 km lap around the MX track. Scoring is tally of laps.
  • Junior long course is approximately 2.5 km lap around the MX track and by the river. Scoring is tally of laps.
  • Long course is approximately 17 km through soft sand around the North, South Pony and MX track. scoring is tally of laps.

Please note withdrawals and refunds will be accepted 7 days before the event, after this date a medical certificate must be presented for a refund.  

After the sight lap you may select to withdraw from the event.



Ambulance Cover

  • Ambulance cover recommended, by not having cover you acknowledge you take responsibility for costs rendered if ambulance is required.


Race Number

  • A Race Number will be allocated during the registration process and will be provided to you as a sticker, that you attach to your helmet, when you sign in on event day.



  • Canteen, Coffee van, Toilets, Showers, Bar (no BYO permitted, and riders cannot consume alcohol until the end of racing), Camping the Saturday night encouraged.  Please contact Shelley if you are planning to camp for organisational purposes.


Helpers on the Day

  • Please note that we can only run the event if we have assistance on the day, please help the committee by nominating a helper in your event registration. (Gives you a voucher to the canteen).
  • We are looking for people to undertake the following on both days of the event:
    • Help with setting up the tracks
    • Sign on staff
    • MC (Master of Ceremonies)
    • Kitchen and bar staff (bar must have RSA)
    • Sweep Riders
    • Safety flag bearers and spotters 
    • Someone with a 4x4/farm quad as a recovery vehicle


Trophies and prizes kindly donated by Brooks Hire.


Any questions please feel free to contact Jamie on 0467 173 109, Shelley on 0424 959 114 or Byron on 0408 935 751 or email