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22/08/2021 | Peel, Isle of Man The Cycle 360 Corrin's Folly Mountain Bike Race

The Cycle 360 Corrin's Folly Challenge - Sunday 22nd August 2021

* Please note that there are important changes to the format of this event - see below *

Following a Mass Start, riders will complete an allotted number of laps within their age category, and is the first of such unique events to be based in Peel. The question is - are you willing to take on the Cycle 360 Corrin’s Folly Challenge? 

We all look at Corrin’s Folly sat on top of Peel Hill and some have thought about riding up to it, but have you ever thought about pitting your legs against the climb and then pitting your skill and nerve against the fast-flowing downhill sections?

At a lap distance of 3.3 miles and a climb of 450ft, this is a challenge suitable for anyone ages 13+ but certainly one that you can choose how much of a challenge you want to make it!

From the start at the Transport Museum near Peel Harbour, the outrun is along the Railway Line. Starting as a macadum surface, it soon becomes slightly rutted and muddy, out past the Moddey Dhoo and following the signs, joining the harder surface on the old Railway Line.  After a short distance, riders take a right over the bridge and out through the Raggatt, crossing the road before the start of the King or Queen of the Hill climb. A mixture of hard surface, muddy lanes and footpaths, then the final climb along the narrow paths amongst the heather. Curl around the back of Corrin’s Folly Tower before the decent begins.

The Cycle 360 Corrin’s Folly challenge is put on and supported by local riders and event planners that want to invest their own time into cycling events on the Isle of Man and showcase Peel in particular as the perfect location for such an event!

For more information and to stay up to date on all event happenings, including spectator fun on the day, please visit:

Sign-on Start Race Limit Age Range Laps Categories Entry Fee
9:30 10:30 Juvenile N/A 13-14 1 Male/Female £5
9:30 10:30 Youth N/A 15-16 2 Male/Female £5
9:30 10:30 Junior N/A 17-18 3 Male/Female £20
9:30 10:30 Senior N/A 19+ 5 Male/Female
Grand Vet
Super Vet









An overall time limit will be applied to the Senior Race and all riders will be stopped after 2:45pm.

Presentation will take place at 3:30pm as soon as results have been verified.

The event is held under British Cycling rules and the decision of the British Cycling Commissaire is final.

When an entry is made, it is accepted that you agree to comply with the terms and conditions and the directions of marshals and officials.