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The Abu Dhabi Sports Council presents the AL AIN Oasis run on Saturday afternoon 10th October offering runners the option of a 2.5Km, 5Km or 10Km run.

Starting at 4:30pm participants are to collect their race bib prior to the event at the West Gate Entrance to Al Ain Oasis.

Covering 1,200 hectares, this lush oasis provides a unique insight into the region's inhabitants who began taming the desert 4,000 years ago. Located in the centre of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi's garden city and heritage heartland. Farmers tend to thousands of date palms of 100 different varieties, as well as fodder crops and fruit trees, such as mango, orange, banana, fig and jujube (known locally as sidr). Individual plots and working farms are separated from each other by historic boundary walls.