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St Bartholomew Academy 5K Run
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St. Bartholomew Academy 2020 5K a virtual 3.1 mile fun that will benefit the St. Bartholomew Academy students, faculty, and staff. Run the course, run your neighborhood, run your treadmill, run it anywhere! 

Please Register Here

Here are the details!

* The official "date" of the race is September 12.   Simply enter the event and receive and email, click on the link in the email and upload your time when you have completed your race. This is not mandatory, but if you want to record your time and see how you compare to other runners in the results section, then why not.

* If it’s not possible for you to run on September 12th no problem, we will leave the race open until September 30th for you to add your race time.

You can print your own personalized bib, wear it when you run Take pictures, post to our Social Media Links below

* Note: We will email you with dates and times to pick up your race shirts after September 12th.   

* Stay connected via the St. Bart’s 5k Facebook page- find out more details of our Virtual event on September 12th. We want you to send us your photos, during or post run and use the hashtag #VirtualSBA5kr. We will also have prizes for the most spirited outfits and other categories--stay tuned for details. 

* Have a great race and thanks for supporting St. Bartholomew Academy.

St. Bartholomew Academy 5k Race Committee