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Verband Deutscher Schlittenhundesport Vereine e.V.

(Association of German Sled Dogs Sports Clubs)

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Consent in picture and film recordings!


Dear participant,

you would like to participate in an event of the association of Verband Deutscher Schlittenhundesport Vereine e.V. (hereinafter referred to as VDSV e.V.) or one of its member Clubs.

The Sled dog and Hound sport is a very attractive sport that we would like to report on. Therefore the VDSV e.V. and numerous associations of the VDSV e.V. operate a website and are active in social networks.

This is important because we can only effectively reach the friends of our sport that are represented worldwide. This also includes the coverage of our sport in national and international Media.

Such a sport lives from Images. now, the European Data protection law poses a challenge to us with the national GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of 25 May 2018) in terms of the use of images on which people are depicted.

In principle, we believe that we have a so-called "legitimate interest" in the publication of Images. Because without public relations, neither new members nor spectators come to us.

Such a legitimate interest is, however, present in pictures of public events, which show the general event events and do not excessively focus on persons.

We see a legitimate interest in the publication of winning photos on which individual persons are represented.

When someone signs up for a public competition, we also assume that there are no objections to a winning photo or an image on which one, for example, is shown as a participant in the Background. 

Sometimes, however, there are nice big shots or pictures not of the places that wonderfully picture our Sport.

We would like to make it a little easier for the organizers of our events and therefore ask for the consent that photos can be made and published at events of the VDSV e.V. or at events of its member clubs without the association must first enter into an extensive legal examination in order to consider what is still legitimate interest and what is not.

I hereby agree with the participation in this event that photo and film recordings of me, which show me the event of the VDSV e.V., or at the event of the member clubs of the VDSV e.V., made for purposes of public relations and in the following Media may be published:


(x) Internet
(x) newsletters and other print media
(x) Social media
(x) Radio and television


The consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time by me for the Future. As a result, no further image and video production and publication of this person may be made in the Future. however, the previous production and publication remains Lawful.

The revocation of the consent must be made in writing (letter or by Mail) to the own association and by mail to the VDSV e.V. at

A complete deletion of the published photos and video recordings on the internet cannot be guaranteed by the VDSV e.V., as for example other websites may have copied or changed the Photos and Videos.

If a revocation is made to the VDSV e.V., it will inform its associations. Thereof, however, it cannot guarantee that it will act in accordance with the law.

I was also reminded that despite my withdrawal photos and videos of my person can be produced in the course of participation in public events of the association or the Sports associations and be published in the context of public relations work - as described at the beginning of this declaration of Consent.

Irrespective of this declaration of consent, the production of picture and video recordings of the Press, Radio and Television. Such recordings and publications are subject to separate regulations.


       the VDSV  -  Verband Deutscher Schlittenhunde Sport Vereine e.V.  -  ONE association - open to ALL

(Association of German Sled Dogs Sports Clubs)

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