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If you have questions about an event, please contact the organizer or race timer. race result has no information about the event.

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Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Race Date: July 3, 2021*.
Start location: 1, Rynok (Market) sq., Lviv
Finish location: 1, Rynok (Market) sq., Lviv

*Check-in Will likely be Friday and MAYBE Saturday morning. All races will start on Saturday at 8:00 local time (GMT+2).

The competition is held with the aim of popularizing and promoting the running in outdoor conditions in the open air in Ukraine, as well as:
– a popularization of a healthy lifestyle;
– sports development;
– an increase of ecological consciousness and responsible attitude to the environment
– Integration of Ukraine into the world trail running community;
– Information, cultivation, and motivation of the Ukrainian running community, helping them achieve personal and sporting goals, stimulating the growth of sports achievements in the broad masses of the Ukrainian population, obtaining the ITRA qualification points and the UTMB qualification

The organizer of the competition is the NGO “Lviv Trail Running Club” in partnership with the Lviv City Council under the patronage of the International Trail Running Association (ITRA).

There will be 5 different events:

123 km LUT “Lviv Ultra Trail” height difference  3,700m.  Control time 25 hours.  5 ITRA points

– 72 km VLT “Great Forest Trail”, height difference 2500 m, control time 15 hours, 3 points ITRA;

– 46 km* LTM “Lviv Trail Marathon”, height difference 1319 m, control time 9 hours, 2 points ITRA;

– 26 km* CST “Devil Bluffs Trail”, elevation 700 m, control time 6 hours, 1 point ITRA;

11 km* VZT “High Castle Trail”, elevation 230 m, control time 2 hours 30 min.

* the exact race distance is yet to be finalized.  Distances are approximate. 

All races begin at 8:00 AM on May 8, 2020.   Please watch this space for any changes.

Race distances above are approximate and are subject to change by approximately + or – 10%, though the LTM marathon race will definitely be at least official marathon length (42.2 km)

The last day of registration on the site is  May 6, 2020

* as we need to sort such things in advance, medal/t-shirt availability for very late entrants cannot be guaranteed.

All sales are FINAL.  Registrations CANNOT be transferred to another individual or deferred to another year under any circumstances.  This means that if you are injured such that you cannot participate, you will forfeit your registration.

As we need to order finisher t-shirts, medals, and similar materials in advance.  Late changes or registrations may make such materials unavailable for you.  There will be no refunds, partial or otherwise, should some item not be available for you.  Register early to avoid disappointment.

Check-in will be on Friday May 8th. This is scheduled to be at the start location at Market square.  Tentative opening hours for check-in are 12 noon through 9pm.  All competitors must check in to receive their race bibs, start packages, and last minute information.

If due to travel arrangements you are not able to check in on Friday, we will provide LIMITED ability to check in on the morning of the race – most likely from around 5:30 am to 6:30 am near the start.  It is VITAL that you contact us ahead of time to make us aware of this.    DO NOT simply assume that you can check-in on raceday morning before the race without telling us in advance.   We want to get as many people checked-in on Friday.

Start packages are issued according to the event schedule. Upon receipt of the start package, the participant must have a completed “Letter of Liability” letter with his own signature and an ID. By signing the “Exemption from Liability”, the participant confirms the agreement with all the clauses of the rules and regulations. A competitor cannot refuse a part of the starting package to reduce its value.
– food and drinks at the checkpoints (except WZT race);
– after-race meal*;
– finisher’s medal;
– finisher shirt (for LTM, VLT races)
– materials from partners and sponsors;
– photos of the runner during the race.

The registration fee includes a finisher’s medal and finisher’s t-shirt. If the participant has not been able to finish the distance within the time limit, or he/she withdraw from the distance, then the finisher’s medal and t-shirt is not given to him.

Please note that the after race meal will be provided by sponsors.  While it may end up being sufficient, we are at the mercy of our sponsors here as to how nourishing it or satisfying it will be.  For best results, please bring money to buy additional food at one of the many restaurants, cafes, or pubs near the finish area.

Please also note that t-shirts and medals are subject to availability.  They will be guaranteed for all paid registration prior to approximately one month before the race.   While we will create extra medals and t-shirts for those who register after this based on our reasonable expectation of sign-ups, if we run out due to extraordinary late demand then we will be unable to offer you a t-shirt and/or medal.  We hope this won’t happen but we leave open the possibility that it might. Please register and pay soon to avoid disappointment.

The participant must be 18 years old at the moment of the race start. The starting number(bib) must be affixed to the outer clothing or backpack in such a way that it can be seen completely and the chip system does not overlap with other items of clothing or equipment.

The participants consent to process their personal data (surname, name, and gender). It can be publicly disclosed in the participants’ lists and in the race protocols, photos and videos with them can be used in media. Participation in any of the races involves the risk of receiving injuries of varying degrees of severity, from the minor ones to those that can lead to partial disability or even death. Aware of this, the participants assume all responsibility for such incidents and undertake, that at the slightest suspicion of the occurrence of such situations, to immediately withdraw from the race.

All participants should pay attention to the conditions and injuries of other participants of the competition, provide the assistance needed and take steps to immediately notify the organizers regarding an incident.

The decision of the race organizers in case of any dispute will be final.

Participants must follow the route specified by the organizers according to the markigs as provided on the ground on race day. GPS devices may be used as supplemental aids to navigation, but in case of any discrepancy between the GPS and the track ask laid out on the ground, the ground markings will take precedence.

A participant is considered a to be a finisher if he completed the distance before the end of the control time and DOES NOT DEVIATE FROM THE TRACK AS PROVIDED AND DOES NOT OTHERWISE CONTRAVENE THE RULES OF THE EVENT. A participant who has not matched the time barrier for the checkpoint or finish will receive the DNF status (not finished).  At the course, a competitor has the right to accept assistance only from other participants.

Outside assistance on the course (transportation, food, beverages, the physical or technical assistance of third parties) is prohibited.  Third parties can assist participant by providing him additional food or beverages at the checkpoints. Professional assistance of the team, trainer, doctor, the masseur is prohibited.

Pacers are not allowed, accompanying a participant for a distance for “moral support” is allowed for a short time – a maximum of 100 meters beyond a checkpoint.   Pacers and companions are not permitted to run from the start but may run alongside the participant at the finish.

It’s allowed to use trekking poles. If a participant uses poles, he must carry them from the beginning till the end of the race.

All participants in the race are bound by the rules of fair play and the absolute prohibition of interference with the marking of the route and the destruction of nature.

To ensure these rules on the track will be race marshals who will enforce the rules.

List of Infractions (not comprehensive)

Violation Penalty
Intentionally cutting part of the course 30 minute penalty to disqualification
Use of banned substances (doping) Disqualification, $500 fine (to be paid to charity), banishment from all future events
Poor Sportsmanship Verbal Warning to Disqualification, at the sole discretion of the race directors
Littering Verbal Warning to Disqualification, at the sole discretion of the race directors. Typical penalties will be 30 minutes or more for intentional littering.
Not helping a fellow competitor in significant distress Verbal Warning to Disqualification, at the sole discretion of the race directors.
Not having a required piece of equipment Verbal Warning to Disqualification. Not having a head torch at night will result in immediate disqualification.
Abandoning the race without properly informing the organisers $500 US fine (to be paid to charity), plus costs (reimbursed to us).
Use of outside help, vehicles, other blatant cheating Disqualification.

The trails will be clearly marked.   HOWEVER, this is a trail race, not a road marathon.  Markings in a trail race are necessarily not as clear as those as on road marathons. Moreover, they are subject to misinterpretation, vandalism, etc.  While for shorter distances especially the markings should be sufficient, you can help ensure that you won’t get lost by both studying the course in advance (see the ‘races’ page) and by pre-loading the race route onto a GPS device (that works offline).  GPS watches with a moving map are the best. It is harder to use a phone to navigate during the race, but this may be a sufficient backup.

Typical markings will be like this.

Participants, who have decided to withdraw themselves from a course must immediately inform the organizers by the phone via number set during registration and/or by volunteers/race marshals at the checkpoint.  

Participants wishing to withdraw should do so at checkpoints only and should consider themselves withdrawn only after positive confirmation of this from race HQ.

The organizers do not guarantee the delivery of a withdrawing participant to the start/finish area.  We suggest having money available for taxis and other methods.  That said, where possible we will help you and provide transport as well, though we cannot under any circumstances guarantee immediate transport to the start/finish area.

Winners are awarded  non-monetary prices in the overall classification: three men and three women at each of the courses.

The Organizers reserves the right to modify or cancel courses, change racing distances, change the start time due to adverse natural conditions that endanger the safety of participants and other force majeure circumstances, in accordance with legislative and other normative acts of Ukraine. In such cases, the amount of the registration fee and any other expenses incurred by the participants are not compensated. 

Organizers reserve the right to change the current regulations at any time in order to ensure the most effective organization of the competition.

In case of key changes or additions, event participants will be informed via email at the emails provided during the time of registration. 

Club discounts starts from:

If you have 5 or more people registering at once (such as in a running club) please contact us for discounts.  Register early for the best discounts.

Elite runners

Free entry for all races (except 11km VZT race) elite runners who have more than 800 ITRA performance index points for men, 700 ITRA performance index points for women

Elite runners who have more than 700 ITRA performance index  points for men and 600 points for women we provide 30% discount

Elite runners agree to :

  • Be present at any press conferences and official ceremonies to which they are invited ;
  • Be present at prize-giving ceremonies if it concerns them;
  • Be present at the start line no later than 20 minutes before the start of the event.

Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone (Ukraine) participants

In honor of defenders from Russian military intervention in Ukraine we provide 40% discount

If you want get any discount type please drop a line to email