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Regionalentwicklungsgenossenschaft Martell 3B
GO Sportconsulting OG
07.03.2020/08.03.2020 | Martello, Italy
Marmotta Trophy - Alpencup 2020


Because of the wide social uncertainty caused by the Corona virus all over Europe, the OC of the Marmotta Trophy decided with a heavy heart to cancel the race this year. Best snow conditions and a finished course make this decision even more difficult, but a positive competition experience in the Martell valley comes first, and this cannot be guaranteed in the current situation. We ask for your understanding.



Vertical (Alpencup) - 7.3.2020 - CANCELED
Individual (Alpencup) - 8.3.2020 - CANCELED


Entry deadline

Vertical: 6.3.2020, 18:00 o'clock
Individual: 6.3.2020, 18:00 o'clock


Participation conditions

Hereby, I acknowledge the invitation and the organizer's disclaimer for all damages. I will not put in claims that could emerge from my participation from the organizers, competition sponsors or their representatives. 

I declare that I have prepared and trained thoroughly for the participation and that I am physically healthy. Paramedics are authorized to stop my participation in the competition, if there are signs of possible damage to health. 

I declare that I will follow possible requests of NADA staff to participate in doping tests.

I agree that my data will be used for the purpose of the event. I affirm the righteousness of my data. I do not have any right to claim for a refund of participation fee after my registration. 

Note according to data privacy act: Your data will be saved automatically.



Chip surety:
For the chip necessary for the electronic time measurement a surety of € 20,- will have to be discharged at the venue.

Doctor's notice:
Athletes have to bring a doctor's notice which needs to be shown at the registration office. Italian athletes have to register at FISI.ORG. The docotr's notice can be shown at the race day or sent via mail ( or facsimile (+39 0473 744676) to the organizer. 

Italian Athletes:
The FISI license has to be shown at the registration office.

Alpencup 2020:
The races Vertical and Individual are part of the Alpencup 2020.



Regionalentwicklungsgenossenschaft Martell 3B
phone: +39 0473 745509
fax: +39 0473 744676