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Christchurch Christmas 10k
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Christchurch Christmas 10k

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Comments (5)

2019-12-08 20:30:42
Isla Wilson: Thank you

A fab run, well marshalled, great fun. Look forward to doing again :)

2019-12-08 19:50:33
chris haggett: christchurch 10k

the baggage trolley located at the start of the race is a major plus. I had expected to have to leave my coat at the race HQ and shiver my way to the start!

Race organisation excellent.

My only slight problem was finding this results site - it would help if the web address for results was stated in the info pack.

2019-12-08 16:46:09
Kate Woodfine: Thank you

Thank you for all the hard work and organisation. A great event.

2019-12-08 16:06:41
Caroline P: Great race, well marshalled

Thank you for organising such a great race. The start was a bit sudden, I did not hear any countdown. Main comment is to please move away from the use of plastic bottles. Mostly full and discarded at the side of the road is so wasteful. At the end, do we need another plastic bottle, we should be moving away from this throwaway approach to a more sustainable option?

Organisation and marshals were all great!

2019-12-08 15:55:48
Mrs seymour: I ran 10k for a pudding

Directions to the start were nice and clear but once at the start there was no where to wait. The race just suddenly started! There was no build up or countdown. The marshals were great and there were lots of them which was really good. Water given out at mile 3 with no lid was so wasteful as people disgaurded almost full plastic bottles of water along the country road. Good to see a marshal picking them up but how unenvironmently friendly?! The goody bag literally had a cereal bar and a christmas pudding in. The biggest disappointment was no medal. I traveled quite far for this event and was disappointed with the atmosphere at the start line, the route and the memorabilia; I should have entered a local run.