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11/28/2019 | Houston, United States of America
BakerRipley Houston Turkey Trot

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Comments (11)

12/03, 2019 23:35:56
LB: National Anthem

The emcees had a hard time getting the crowd excited. Perhaps you should reconsider having the National Anthem before each race. Several of us(some naturalized citizens) were disappointed that it was not included. If I was running in another country I certainly wouldn't take offense if they played their National Anthem.

11/30, 2019 08:08:08
Frederick Murphy: Increase age limit division

Altogether there were 17 runners that were 75 and above in both the 5K and the 10K. Instead of having 70+ division, you should have at least a 75+
There were a couple of 89 years old.And even a 90 year old. They should not have to try to make it into the top three running against 70 year olds.I did the 10K and came in fourth. the #1 was 71, #2 and #3 were 74, and I am 81.
All in all it was a good run. The helpers were great.

11/30, 2019 04:50:10
GGC: National anthem

Thanksgiving Day is an important holiday established to remember and honor all we should be thankful for - our great country with its liberty and freedoms, and all the multitude of blessings it has provided us that we tend to take for granted. It would be a shame if there is a political reason we didn’t honor our country and its flag by singing the National Anthem as has been done for every event I have ever participated in or observed. It is embarrassing to think that it might have been an over site on a day meant for taking time out to be thankful for all that we have - and not to ever be taken for granted.
Great race otherwise and a fun morning on this special day!!

11/29, 2019 17:43:16
Karen Kayes: Ratings for previous comment

Just added!The course is very flat and should be super fast but the strollers and walkers meandering and blocking the runners made it challenging.

11/29, 2019 17:40:23
Karen Kayes: strollers and walkers

This was my first time running this race. I ran the 5K. Prior to the race it was announced that walkers should be on the right. The big issue were people with strollers and small children. They should have a different lane and should start after the runners. It was like a mine field dodging the kids, strollers, and groups walking.

11/29, 2019 08:24:56
DM: Who cares

About the anthem

11/28, 2019 23:28:18
Anita Kinchen : Can you use pace corrals

So much easier to run when is the same time, fitting to get thru all the walkers and slower paces was very challenging affecting everyone's time. ORGANIZATION IS THE BEST WAY TO GO!!

11/28, 2019 22:23:28
PT: Fighting some walls

The walkers should stick to one pre-defined side.

11/28, 2019 20:46:08
SC: National Anthem?

Why no national anthem this year? Oversight or sign of the times?

11/28, 2019 20:44:30
SC: Times?

Last year the course was actually a bit short of 10K, hence the faster times in 2018.

11/28, 2019 19:43:09
DE: Times?

So many people’s times were roughly 2-3 minutes slower this year vs the 2018 Trot. Yes, it was a little warmer this year and windier, but it doesn’t ledge. Also, the pace times last year to this year don’t ledge either. Same mileage for the course, but for the same times, very different pace times - what is going on?