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Comments (4)

12/07, 2019 01:35:23
H. Johnson Bib# 2458: Thanks for nuthin' (Part Doh!)

So, an update. When I realized I could email the timing company, I did. They ( were immediately responsively with several emails. They fixed it instantly. My results are posted! NICELY DONE! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Friendly, fast, and understanding. Very impressed. See you next year! :-)

12/06, 2019 22:07:10
H. Johnson Bib# 2458: Thanks for nuthin'...

Showed up on race day. Happily paid the race day premium. Happily paid the premium to be timed. My credit card was instantly charged. Ran a 10K well within the middle of the pack. Yet my name's not even on the results list, nor is my bib number. I can't even be found using the search function. It's like I didn't even show up...but you sure got my money didn't you? There was no problems with that computer at all, was there? Hmpft.

This kind of sucks. I'll remember this next year.

12/01, 2019 02:22:05
Lucy Wood: Loved It!

I had a blast. I got there around 8 and found parking at Starbucks down the street. And even though I went by myself, I struck up conversations easily with several fellow runners. The police officers and volunteers working the event--everyone--was very nice. Even the weather cooperated! I hope I get to participate next year, too.

11/29, 2019 20:22:48
Mark Washburn: Be back next year

Great Event. Really enjoyed it.
Might consider using longer straight aways on route.