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MTV 1861 Elberfeld e.V.
Ingo Jarosch
Beethovenstraße 18a
42115 Wuppertal

+49 (0)202 261 49 79 1
+49 (0)174 564 82 47

two regions, seven cities, one race

The Bergische Land is located south of the Ruhrgebiet. As the region is the birthplace of the industrial revolution in Germany, all the small villages were connected via railways, on which raw materials and products were delivered to industries in even the remotes corners. Many of these railways are no longer in operation. However the tracks still exist and most of them have been converted into footpaths and bikeways. These paths form the basis of the WHEW100 track, crossing 7 cities, using those old converted railway tracks and paths along the river Ruhr:
Wuppertal - Sprockhövel - Hattingen - Essen - Heiligenhaus - Velbert - Wülfrath - Wuppertal.


On April 30th 2016 we will be your host for the third time for races of 5 up to 100 kilometers distance. You start at 7 in the morning alone - or as a team - onto the big circular track. 5 and 10k races will take place middays.