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Second Wind Timing

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Comments (2)

05/16, 2019 02:47:41
Jenice: 10k Jim Thorpe Running Festival - Trifecta

Very disappointed. I ran the trifecta. For some reason my 10k time did not compute, which was disappointing by itself, but it also kept me from having an overall average in the Trifecta. This is not cool. Worked hard and ran hard in tough conditions. This should be fixed.

05/15, 2019 16:25:34
Kathy Myers: super trifecta

great concept, fun weekend to explore beyond running. Weather make it a challenge on Sunday but we won't forget it too quickly!

Check in was a bit confusing. It didn't seem like volunteers were certain about important details, maps, transportation, multi start/end sites, parking, maybe a map could have helped....tough details but I was near the end of check in so I was surprised.
Visibility of check location in could have been better marked...balloons or banner or something outside at sidewalk.

Locals didn't seem to know anything about the least the ones we spoke to.

I didn't know about the timing tickets after the half til I was at the bottom of the BIG hill. that was not obvious to me.

Aid Stations: plenty and helpful. Please keep water to one side, gatorade to the other. It sounds picky but really simplifies transition thru for runners. If you only drink water, you always stay "left", no backtracking.

Efficient and clean portapotties were appreciated at half. Facilities were NOT stocked at 5K/10K. (No TP in Ladies).

Delay to start the 10k was rough for those standing and waiting after the 5K.

first year of any event is tough, but you all stayed positive and carried on...
Good job! I would definitely sign up again.