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28/04/2018 | Douglas Promenade, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Winter Prom Run Round 5

Winter Prom Run 2018 is a series of run/walks on Douglas Promenade.  All rounds will have 2k and 5k options. These are subject to change if we are unable to obtain enough marshalls for each event.
Races are all held on a Saturday and start at 10am.

We want to encourage all ages and abilities to take part, get fit and get active in a friendly, fun, non-competitive environment.

If you want to be a part of Prom Run, join our group, become friends with Up & Running and Like our Facebook page. Further details about the events may be found there!

Race dates:

  1. 13th January
  2. 10th February
  3. 10th March
  4. 7th April
  5. 28th April
  6. 12th May