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13/05/2017 | Douglas, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Prom Run 2017 - Round 6

Prom Run 2017 is a series of 5K run/walks on Douglas Promenade.  Races all start at 10am.

We want to encourage all ages and abilities to take part, get fit and get active in a friendly, fun, non-competitive environment.

If you want to be a part of Prom Run, join our group, become friends with Up & Running and Like our Facebook page. Further details about the events may be found there!

Race dates:
1. 14th January 2017
2. 11th February 2017
3. 11th March 2017
4. 1st April 2017
5. 29th April 2017
6. 13th May 2017