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27/08/2020 | Attingham Park Estate, Great Britain
Attingham Park Relays

COVID-19 Refund Policy - Added 27 Mar 2020

In the event that the current COVID-19 health crisis does not improve sufficiently to allow this race to safely continue, which has already been postponed from 14 May to 27 Aug 2020; then we will be forced to cancel this year’s event.  If forced to cancel then partial refunds will only be offered to each Team entered, the reason being that this event is run on a shoestring budget (and more so this year with the introduction of medals); partial refunds will be based on entry deductions needed to be made for event costs that have had to be pre committed (basically event finishers medal and race licence costs) and that cannot be carried over to next year’s event. 

The Attingham Park Relays is a relay race for teams of three runners, each of whom will have to run a two-mile loop around the beautiful grounds of Attingham Park. When you have finished, refreshments will be available.  This year we are introducing Chipped batons.
Event Date: 27 August 2020
Race Start time: 19:30 hrs
Race Location: Attingham Park, Atcham, Shrewsbury, SY4 4TP
Price: £16.00 Affiliated/£18.00 Unaffiliated (+£0.90 Admin Fee)

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Team Entry Categories:
All Male
All Female
Mixed Gender
Over the Hill

Awards for the following Race Categories:
Fastest Female
Fastest Male
Fastest Junior Female
Fastest Junior Male
Fastest Women's Team
Fastest Men's Team
Fastest Community Team
Fastest Mixed Gender Team
Fastest Over the Hill Team
Fastest Junior Team 
M/F Veteran Age Category Awards

Race Rules
An online entry will be considered as acceptance of UK Athletics Rules and a declaration that all team members will run entirely at their own risk.
The Race is limited to 165 Teams.
Teams can only be eligible for one team category (All Male, All Female, Mixed, Community or Over the Hill).
Mixed Gender Teams may consist of either 1 male and 2 female runners or 2 male and 1 female runner.
Over the Hill Teams must be 50 or over and must be of Mixed Gender.
Community teams may consist of members from the same place of work, non-running club, family or friends, but must not contain more than one affiliated runner or member of a running/athletic club.
Junior Teams must be aged over 15 and under 18.
Runners are not permitted to complete more than one leg or enter in more than one team.
Team changes must be notified before Race date as explained in your Confirmation of Team Entry email
The team Running order must be kept accurate on the night as Bib Race numbers will be registered to individuals as recorded online to each leg run.
All runners must be aged 15 or over on race day.
The wearing of headphones, or similar devices (other than those medically prescribed) is not permitted in Cross Country races
If one or more of your team is unaffiliated (does not hold an active EA licence) you must enter the whole team as unaffiliated. 

Race Licence Number 2020-39781

Entry to Attingham on Race Day:

Entry to the park is free as following:
·        For all runners at any time
·        For spectators:  After 6.30pm with a runner.  From 7pm it is free to all.
·        If you are a member of NT please bring and show your membership card upon entry. 

Car parking is free and plenty of it.

 Race Registration:

Race Registration (Shropshire Shufflers shelter) will be open from 5.30 to 7pm for Team Captains or Team Representatives to collect team race numbers and Chipped Batons.  The Team Captains or Team Representatives should be able to quote your Team Name and Number allocated

•    Each Team is allocated a Bib Team Number with the Letters A, B and C.  Chipped Baton Numbers will mirror Team Bib Numbers issued 
•    A is the Leg 1 Start Runner with Chipped Baton
•    B is the Leg 2 Runner
•    C is the final Leg 3 Runner

Race Format:
This year we are introducing Chip Batons to record each leg and team times. 

Finish Time Result Text Service
Finishers Medal for all who complete their running leg of the course.

There will be a final Race and Safety Briefing in front the Start/Finish Arch Area at 7.15pm

At 7.30pm the Race will start from with all L1 (A) Team Runners with their chipped batons from behind the Arch and timing mats facing down the course.  The Course Route is explained further below.  Please take care not to cross or get near the timings mats with the Chipped Batons as Leg 1 Runners approach the start area which should be approached from the rear as briefed.

Teams will have the facility to print their Team times when completed at the Race Timers Shelter

Team and Individual Prize Giving:
Team and Individual Results will be given on the night and is estimated to be held around 10minutes after the Last Competitor has crossed the line or sooner as decided by the Race Director.

The Course 2 Mile Route:
•           From the Start it heads East narrowing over the 2 Bridges (after leg 2 sets off this will become two-way running traffic – runners are to keep to the Left) to and through a big steel gate that leads into the open deer park area.
•           It then turns immediately Left (North) following established path that handrails the River Tern until it enters the wood.
•           Shortly after entering the wood it turns Right (East) following the main path and slightly uphill.
•           At the top it turns Right (South) then exits the wood into open grass land following the established paths.
•           It continues until it naturally bends Right (West) slightly downhill to the big steel gates and narrow 2 Bridges – (two-way running here keeping to the Left Side)
•           After crossing the 2 Bridges it follows back towards the start (this area then becomes 2-way (East/West bound) running traffic.
•           Then follows a large marked loop clockwise around the Start field until it meets back to the Finish Line where the next leg runner is released.

The Course is well Marshalled and there will be marked channels on the narrowing two-way running routes over the two Bridges.

Water will be available for runners after they have finished racing their Leg.  
Podium Catering: Hot food and Drinks

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